Review: Talib Kweli – Quality

Quality is an album from the 2000s era that received positive acclaim from media critics and hailed wonderful by music critics alike. Talib put all his effort into this album exclusively better than he did on his 2000 album with Hi-Tek. Nobody really hated or shitted on the Quality album by Talib Kweli. Quality was one of those albums that everyone favored more than the last one. 2002 was a superb record selling year for Talib Kweli.

Get By was the last joint recorded for the Quality album at the last minute. Get By was a joint produced by Roc-A-Fella/Roc Nation in-house producer Kanye West. The Nina Simone sample makes the joint, Get By, more poetic. We as humans wake up not just to live, but to get by. The Get By joint was breathtaking.

Bilal’s vocal ranges on the doo wop really reflect the beautiful masterpieces of music from our generation on the joint Talk To You. Notice the use of organic instruments used. The beats are off the hook!

Shock Body was the most overlooked and overshadowed joint off the Quality album overwhelmingly speaking. Fans overlooked this joint and slept on it. They really didn’t give Shock Body a chance. The beats and lyrics were rather tight. Two words to describe this joint is would be tightly uplifting.

The only thing that Talib Kweli fans rejected was the Gun Music track. Fans were disappointed when Talib Kweli performed this joint during the Quality tour. Such dissatisfaction led fans to believe Talib Kweli had lost focus in his mission as an activist and musician. Fans are stupid because sometimes they don’t fully listen to the lyrics. Fans can be idiots at times.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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