Review: Prose -n- Cons – Proof Is In The Prose

Prose -n- Cons – Proof Is In The Prose is a lost classic album from Flint hip hop and Ypsilanti, Michigan from 1991. The album was released on cassette. Not too many people know about this album. The samples are carefully arranged over dope thin beats and percussion.

The producers who produced this album were Lee Martin, Brandon Wilkins, and Greg Rhymer. All whom were in the hip hop trio Prose -n- Cons. The project was overseen by Brian (Jeff) Brown and Sean (Treble) Rugless for No Budget Productions. As the title of the production company states, the production is low budget. So a wise recommendation would be to listen closely.

The song 3 Ways To Rek A Mic describes in exact detail 3 ways to wreck a microphone. Step 1 is apex, Step 2 is complex, and Step 3 is Trendsetter. This song is lyrical. Prose -n- Cons breaks it down lyrically on how to wreck mic in 3 ways. P-N-C shares the crown of hip hop with many others.

Thin beats and vinyl cuts are what stand out in this song. The beats are not too processed or thick. The beats are produced and arranged at a perfect level. Bass is set to a medium level. 3 Ways To Rek A Mic samples The Family Stand – Ghetto Heaven.

Apex is up first. Apex is about new prose and new flows. Tampering with his microphone might end your life. He is a gangster on the microphone who keeps his style original compared to all others. Apex has been into hip hop since 1976. But he is a friendly brother on the street when you meet him. He hates bad things and rumors. Apex describes himself as a lyrical individual.

Complex is up next. Complex is a lyrical term, lyrically speaking. He is designed to rhyme. He brings good loving to ladies like Romeo from Romeo and Juliet. The rhymes he recites will stay in your mind. He gets better with time and with his rhymes. His rhymes get better with time. He gets better with every song. Complex has purpose. Complex searches 7 emcees for wack emcees. He will have you dancing.

Trendsetter is last. Trendsetter kicks a soliloquy to show his ability. Suckers think they can deal with him. His lives his life legally as he has no time to live his life illegally. Trendsetter tells us to wake up and find peace. He is not a teacher, but he is amazing on the mic.

Creepin’ is a late night creep type of song. The song uses a cool beat which follows a sample. The trio roams around campus by going dorm to dorm in search of girls.

Jamz Iz Slammin’ (where it’s at?) is a song laced with phat heavy hip hop beats. The song hits and slams hard as all get out! The song is a shout out to both Michigan and Ohio. Slam-Mental is an instrumental of Jamz Iz Slammin’ (where it’s at?).

Stric 9 mm relies on the sample usage of Boogie Down Productions – 9MM where KRS-One uses his Jamaican Patois accent. The song has a Reggae style sound. The bass is programmed to have a reggae sound and follow the reggae rhythm. The song discusses the dangers of gun violence. The song makes a comparison between guns and addictive drugs.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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