Review: Glass Eye – Marlo EP

Glass Eye – Marlo is one of the most influential alternative rock EPs to have ever come from the Austin music scene and Austin rock as a whole. The whole EP uses a lighthearted touch of alternative rock as these songs deal with reality and time transition. Vegetable Wheel is one of their highlights considered to be different and quite breathtaking. The Big Moment is another one of this influential alternative rock band’s highlights and biggest hit. Austin music rocks!

You will love the remarkable dissonance this influential alternative rock band uses over fretless bass layered on top of light beats. Their use of dissonance is what made them an influential alternative rock band and set a trend for many other Austin rock bands to follow. The sound quality is very low but still good. There are no inaudible parts to any of these songs.

Glass Eye – Marlo is one of the more overlooked EP to have come from the Austin rock scene. That is because Marlo was a self-released EP vinyl released independently by the influential alternative rock band Glass Eye in 1985 with little to no promotion. Marlo was self-produced also. The vinyl EP came with a custom inner sleeve which included lyrics.

The Big Moment is one of the influential alternative rock band’s more well known songs which often got played at SXSW and nightclubs in Austin, Texas. This was their best song and greatest hit in 1985 despite not charting on the BillBoard Charts or any other known charts locally. You will love the remarkable dissonance this influential alternative rock band uses.

The song explains that time is only a prison and that some things aren’t real. The song explores how gullible people get when they believe everything they hear. The song also deals with signs of aging.

Those things that aren’t real fade away. Now the lyrics “The wind rises and blows it the other way” is an example of how things that aren’t real go away very quickly and fade away from people’s minds. However that is not the case very much these days there is more misinformation spread around than factual information. That’s more than ever.

You’re not gonna believe it’s true. The lyrics “You’re not gonna believe it/Believe it/it’s true” serve as an example of how gullible people can get when they believe everything they hear.

Clean Living is about woman who believes she is living a perfect life but is actually living a lie as her life is very much dysfunctional to the point where everything out of control. She has lost her mind and sanity. You will love the remarkable dissonance this influential alternative rock band uses with the fretless bass and light beats.

Her life got dysfunctional one day when she lost her nerve in front of the mirror. She was dancing. Her neighbors looking outside would see her dancing from her window. This woman would often stand frozen in that glass mirror of hers as the neighbors watched and tried to figure out what is wrong with her. That is what the lyrics “Outside the window/Frozen in the glass.” and “All these questions/Have been asked before/Well I remember but I guess not/None of it came between us” mean.

Her life was dysfunctional as she was telling lies to people. The neighbors knew this of course.

The song Glass Eye is about Tom’s plane leaving without him. Tom Flynn wrote the entire song himself without any outside help from the band. Tom Flynn played a guitar solo on this song also.

Tom’s plane leaving is without him. The plane is flying so low. He does not want the plane to go far away as he does not want to stay where he is currently located. That is what the lyrics “It’s in my window/Don’t go far away/Don’t make me stay” mean. He tries to maintain his composure as he is in a frantic dilemma.

Glass Eye teaches us that money is no object and is an emotion. The bands gets stylish in terms of clothing fashion with lyrics such as “chrome shoes/grey wool suit”. Although Glass Eye does not get too flashy or extravagant with their choice of clothing fashion.

The song Vegetable Wheel deals the transition from nighttime to daytime. It is nighttime and the moon is bright. The colors of the moon are black and white. People often loose track of time due to the shadows of change and time. Then the moon vanished like thin smoke into the sky. Daytime comes as the moon fades away and vanishes into the sky. The sun is out. There are black berries on a tree rip for picking. Black berries shine in the sun. Branches of a tree sway away.

I rate this EP 4/5****.

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