Review: Lil Louis ‎– French Kiss EP

Lil Louis ‎– French Kiss EP is what defined Chicago house music back in 1988. Nobody produced, arranged, or wrote house music like Lil Louis. He was the genius and connoisseur of house music in Chicago, Illinois. As a matter of fact, this is one of those records which defined an era. Included on this EP is the international house hit French Kiss and the timid New York track. The futuristic techno song Jupiter is included as well.

The debut EP by Lil Louis was released as 12” vinyl on his independent record label Diamond Records in 1989. Diamond Records is a subsidiary of Warehouse Records.

Some editions of the Lil Louis ‎– French Kiss EP have the catalog codes of Diamond Records ‎– LL-01 and Diamond Records ‎– 12306. Some editions have an etching where the B-side label reads: “House Music Is Here To Stay” and “You Are Invited To Expand Your Total Self”.

French Kiss is the song which made Lil Louis an international underground house music sensation French. Kiss is the song which was an underground house music sensation on an international level. As a whole, French Kiss is a 10 minute long electronic music based instrumental blended with a mixture of house music and techno. This song defined Chicago house music back in the 1980s. It’s perfect acid house jam.

The orgasmic part of the song is the best part. It’s the part with the female moaning. That’s the most sexually explicit part of the record and is considered to be the most memorable part of the song which leaves a long lasting memory in people’s minds.

New York is a song where house music meets techno music. The song is often overshadowed by Jupiter and French Kiss. It’s a great acid track. You can feel the groove as you listen to the music. Sadly the song is short.

Wargames sounds similar to sound bites from a 16-bit video game. Lil Louis added in the auto-wah effect to blend in with the upbeat pace. Techno synths in the middle give the song a futuristic vibe and feel.

Jupiter is a remix of the Armando song called 1.5.1. The song was remixed by both Lil Louis and Armando Gallop. Jupiter is just as classic as the commercially successful acid house jam French Kiss. It’s a perfect song to dance to and groove to.

One thing is for sure is that this song is still ahead of its time today. The house music today cannot hold a candle to this song. Jupiter stands the test of time in today’s music and climate. Lil Louis is a genius for remixing this song. He sure has a unique eclectic taste in music.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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