Review: Bruno Mars – 24K Magic

It’s great to hear another album from a Hawaiian rapper (if you want to call him that). 24K Magic is an album that explores the genres of funk and R&B/soul. That is why his album has that 90s R&B sound and 90s influences with a 70s soul touch to it. Nevertheless, the album was a breakout success selling millions of units within its first year. Not only that, that album garnered many streams and downloads.

The song Versace on the Floor was a slow paced R&B song that written by Bruno Mars himself along with the usual frequent co-writers. A majority of the song is performed in D major with a tempo of 87 BPM. The track was originally released by Atlantic Records for digital download and streaming on November 4, 2016. Versace on the Floor was the song that made 24K Magic a mainstream pop album.

Bruno Mars vents about his obsession of Versace on this song. Bruno Mars himself is quite familiar with Versace brand as he has worn this design many times before. Remember what he wore for his halftime Super Bowl 50 performance in February 2016? Versace is an Italian luxury fashion company whose clothing is very expensive.

Too Good to Say Goodbye is a breakup song that written by Bruno Mars himself along with the usual frequent co-writers. The song gets very depressing.

He’s made mistakes. He could have treated her better but he let her get away from him. So much for his happy ending. At this point in the song, he has to face the face that he’s made some mistakes he needs to correct for his girl to come back in to his life.

In the pre-chorus, Bruno Mars makes reference to his 2013 song called When I Was Your Man. She is more than his girl. She is his best friend. It was them against the world. Nobody can love her the way Bruno Mars can. He knows she feels the same way. This is the chance so let’s take it. It’s her that he is missing. Girl won’t you listen? He wants her to take that chance so she can come back into his life.

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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