Lil Black shows maturity as an artist in the movie I’m Sorry.

Lil Black believes that his growth and maturity as an artist time has come with his 2014 online movie called I’m Sorry which can be viewed online at YouTube. Lil Black now goes under rap alias Victor Newman. Lil Black claims, “I am a new man.” . He no longer is the same person he once was. That is reason and explanation for the name change.

The movie I’m Sorry explains the story of how the streets can change a man, impact his relationship with people, and how money can make a man feel invincible. The movie I’m Sorry also documented trials, tribulations, milestones, opportunities, rights of passage, losses, gains, triumphs and victories in his life. The movie I’m Sorry was a sneak peek into the window and mirror of the life of an incredibly changed and victorious new man.

The streets can change a man and can ruin his relationship with people such as family, friends, and the public. With relationships come trials and tribulations.

Lil Black has been working around the clock as he is a hustler and business man. He had been writing, producing and recording music around the clock since his first love is his music. Nuf-Sed Entertainment put in a lot work towards the production of this movie. Lil Black performed most of the song you hear in the movie.

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