Review: Various Artists – Runnin’ Blind

The Runnin’ Blind compilation was a tight compilation which featured rap artists from all over San Antonio, Texas. The album had also featured gangs from different sets and sides of the rag. Each song is pure fire from front to back with no tracks worth skipping. Everything ranging from gangsta rap to Southern rap to horrorcore can be heard on the album. This is gangsta rap at its finest.

Ricé and Sean Tompkins produced one tight ass compilation album. The album was produced at Ricé’s Music Box Studios back when it was located in his trailer at Westhill Mobile Home & RV Park on Pinn Road in Southwest San Antonio. Ricé produced over half the album. That is why you can hear his sound all over the album. Other producers such as 17 Freeze, Sir Noks (Sir Knox), and P-Freeman produced songs for the compilation but Ricé was the main engineer and mixer for this entire album.

Sean Tompkins served as the executive producer for the whole album and pulled songs that others performed and featured on from other albums. Sean Tompkins was responsible for releasing the album on his own label which was Commerce St. Records. That label was responsible for releasing Mr. Joshay’s albums.

The Runnin’ Blind compilation was released on Commerce St. Records in 1997 on CD and cassette format. There was no vinyl release. The Runnin’ Blind compilation was mainly sold at Commerce Street Records when the storefront was located inside of the old Windsor Park Mall in San Antonio, Texas and on eBay during the 2000s. The Runnin’ Blind compilation was also released and distributed through Southwest Wholesale. More than 10,000 units of Runnin’ Blind were pressed. (11,500 copies to be exact.) That is the reason why you can easily find this album on Amazon, eBay, GEMM, Yahoo Auctions, etc. The album was released on Commerce St. Records in 1997 on CD and cassette format. There was no vinyl release.

The Runnin’ Blind compilation was recorded when Commerce Street Records was located across the street from Dawson Park in the Jefferson Heights neighborhood near the Arena District and East Terrace (now Springview Apartments). The address for Commerce Street Records from 1997 to 1999 was 2539 East Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78203.

Not too many people know this but Commerce Street Records was also located inside of the old Windsor Park Mall in San Antonio, Texas. The address for Commerce Street Records/Commerce St Records was 7900 North IH-35, Suite L-5, San Antonio, TX 78218.

King 13 began the compilation with a piano laced opener called Naked Soul. The piano is what keeps the mood mellow sort of in a strange way. The feeling is both mellow and intense. Notice the piano solo played by 17 Freeze at the beginning of Naked Soul. 17 Freeze gives the song a sense of mellowness and tranquility. So does Ricé. The song was produced by 17 Freeze and Ricé.

The song takes us through the views of a gangsta. King 13 laces the mic with such fiery and aggression in his lyrics. This is not surprising since this is gangsta rap. Every song King 13 raps on is fire! That is a fact. His presence is huge for this song.

So Trif is a Souffield Killas freestyle with Lil Sin, Sparky D, Young Keis, and Lil Acid. Ricé produced and mixed the song. He also played that funky guitar on the song. Chords from that funky guitar have a reverb echo to them. These streets are so hard. Souffield Killas are living so trif.

Shysty Ways is dedicated to them haters and shiesty individuals. The song serves as a cautionary tale and warning to be aware with who you associate yourself with because your friends could be your enemies. The premise and basis of this song deals with hate and hatred of/towards others. This is one of Dyce’s smoothest songs.

The song Shysty Ways used on the Runnin’ Blind compilation that was released by Commerce Street Records back in 1997 when Commerce Street Records was located on Commerce Street in the Jefferson Heights neighborhood of San Antonio, Texas. Ricé produced the chords, beats, keys, and synths to this song. This song is a bonus track.

At the very beginning, Ricé questions how can you expect someone to stop hating on your ass when the first thing that comes out of you mouth is hate for another person.

Have you ever been with a man with his back against the wall? Dyce was in the same situation at one point. There have been people plotting to see him fall and become a failure in life. So what goes around comes around. That’s just life. Wear the shoe if it fits. Dyce keeps his faith along the way. He battles his own personal inner demons. That’s why he has an ice cold personality. Game recognize game for real. He sees through peoples disguises and shady, shiesty ways. He sees the hoe in your eyes.

Fake niggaz never rise. True Gs never die. He shares a message to those haters and the shit that they bring for bringing salt up in his game. In other words, he calls out people for being salty.

Dyce has seen the light as his eyes are open. He’ll fuck up your life if you ever try to fuck with him. For not understanding his struggle. He keeps a glock on him. Dyce has seen everything. He has been through the fire. He has been through the depths of hell. Dyce asks these cowards one question. How the fuck are you going to survive if you’ve got no heart?

Dyce talks about this mark ass nigga named Robb he once knew who he now distrusts. He was a nut. He tried to fuck his crew over. However Dyce’s crew turned their back on Robb. All because Robb thought he was better than everyone else. Dyce got his revenge by getting his crew to turn their back on Robb

You tricks are making Dyce sick. Haters are up in his mix. It comes with the territory of having a grip. He sees the envy and jealousy in people’s eyes. They can’t wait to hate. Dyce has seen everything. It comes with the territory. We’re all geeking for the loot. Everybody is fiending for fetti. He does not need the misery as misery loves company. Trickery gets to him.

The Pain is a solo song by Dirty Redd (Drty Redd). The song explains the pain he had experienced in his life while going through his own trials and tribulations. He shows awareness as he is sentient about the errors of his ways of living. The song explains the pain he experiences. Dirty Redd is San Antonio’s version of Devin The Dude.

Dirty Redd asks people to have mercy on him. He knows the police want him. One extra blessing is what he needs. Him and his twin sibling lost respect for all the other members in his family. That is what he means by he lost respect for all his kin. This ghetto maze is confusing. Drug and substance abuse is what he resorts to. Popping Valium and abusing erbs. That has gotten him into a disturbed mindset and mind state. An absentee father is what he has in his life. Dirty Redd still hasn’t been able to find his father. That is because his father is in prison.

Dirty Redd has been mislead because his homies because they told him the streets are perfect. They want him to get involved with these streets by living the street life and criminal lifestyle was the way to live. He was easily influenced by jacking and addiction. He keeps on hearing that he is good for nothing. That is why he ain’t trusting nothing. Hoes are obstructing his paper chase. They won’t stop. These hoes often call the police on Dirty Redd. Only his homies appreciate him and don’t player hate on him.

Pain is the only thing Dirty Redd sees when he looks in the mirror. Don’t be confused by the way he is and how he lives his life. His father left him feeling all alone at 12 years old. That made him like he needed to be strong. When you look in the mirror, tell Dirty Redd what you see. Do you see the same thug that you see in him? His grandmother is praying for him.

If Dirty Redd could start his life all over again, he would not make the same mistakes he made before. Instead he chose to act foolish. For example, driving while intoxicated and speeding through his side of town on the East Side better known as Croccet Blocc. It’s case after case with him. That is why his face is familiar with Bexar County Criminal Court. He begs for probation. His T Jones is going after him for child support. She tells him to leave the streets alone. His addiction for them streets was strong. So he steals jewelry. He uses high powered pistols and assault rifles. Fuck a bodyguard. At first the game was about possession, thangs, and banking change. Next thing you know these niggaz are hateful trying to split his brain.

Look at him. This fast life is intoxicating. Infected with paranoia and hate. He can’t let starvation harm and kill him in his sleep. The congregation at his church prays for him as if they really know him. Come as you are is what she told him. His addiction for this world is stiff as his addiction for them streets was strong. He can’t help that as niggaz are constantly grabbing at his shit. Police pistol-whip and book him at the police station because he won’t confess to his crimes which he committed. His probation officer is aggravated and hating. His probation officer is activating warrants for his arrest. Numbers predict his future to hopeless and bleak.

The most memorable words to his lyrics on Verse 2 are as follows: “High powered pistols, assault rifles/Fuck a bodyguard”

The most memorable lyrics to this song are as follows:

My addiction for them streets was strong
Ain’t shit to eat at home
Take every jewelry and then flee
Fancy rental cars
High powered pistols, assault rifles
Fuck a bodyguard
At first the game was about possession, thangs, and banking change
Next thing I know these niggaz is hateful trying to split my brain

Look at me nigga
This fast life is intoxicating
Infected with hate and paranoia
And I’m still debatin’

Lil Paul, Scoot, and Lil Short of ETG (East Terrace Gang) made one killer classic with the song Five For Twenty. Five For Twenty was the hood anthem for East Terrace back in the 1990s. Now Ricé and Sir Noks produced some killer infectious bells and grooves on Five For Twenty. That is a fact. Lil Short of ETG shows haters no pity with his rap lyrics.

The song Midnight Drama is about all the drama that goes on during midnight. A lot of crime happens at midnight. King 13 tells us listeners, “You better not get caught up in midnight drama.” Those are his cautionary words which tell us to stay away from the drama that happens during midnight.

When drama starts at midnight, you better be prepared for things to unfold and expect the unexpected. Be prepared to ride. The drama starts at midnight.

Several niggaz are the cold shooting dice. 2 of these niggaz took the life of one of their homeboys by killing him. They blamed that wickedness on liquor. Gun shots rang out from the parking lot. 4 niggaz got ganked. There were 49 bullet holes. There were 6 bullet holes found on the spine of a man. His relatives got the call that he would no longer be coming home.

Drug slanging and pimping is what goes at midnight. One man thought he could find narcotics but he ended up dead in a closed casket. One of these niggaz was fucking his wife. His friends go out to settle the score and end up getting killed.

When darkness falls, you better be prepared. You better not get caught up in midnight drama.

Midnight Drama uses a combination of freestyle rap and gangsta rap. That makes sense because King 13 was known for his freestyle raps. Midnight Drama is an intense piano laced rap song performed by King 13 himself. He wrote the lyrics to this song himself. Not many know this but King 13 was the freestyle of San Antonio pre-2002.

Ricé produced the song and played the piano. Notice during the beginning that a nice mellow piano solo is playing. The piano solo lasts for 12 seconds until 0:12. Quadruple layers of instrumentation start to kick in at the 0:13 mark.

Part of what the album cover for the Midnight Drama compilation looked like.

This King 13 song would be included on the 1999 compilation album called Midnight Drama. Now the Midnight Drama compilation was inspired by this King 13 song which is where the title for the Midnight Drama album came from. The Midnight Drama compilation was first advertised on the 1999 album Mr. Joshay – 21 Crunk St and was released in March 1999. The Midnight Drama compilation was sold at Commerce Street Records when it was located on East Commerce Street and when Commerce Street Records had their store in Windsor Park Mall.

Now Lil Paul was all over the title track Runnin’ Blind more than Lil Sin despite Lil Sin being featured on the song. This is/was more of a Lil Paul song. Lil Paul is part of ETG (East Terrace Gang) along with Scoot and Lil Short who were featured on other songs on this compilation. Runnin’ blind with two 9’s is my ish and is that ish. Cain and Ricé produced the title track. Big Al was the one singing.

The song has a dark eerie vibe with chilling whistles and bells. You can feel a Wild West vibe and sound due to the whistles you hear in the background as you listen to the song. Volume of the shakers have been reduced significantly. Ricé does a wonderful job with arranging the bells and whistles as always. Runnin’ blind with two 9’s are the words which give this song that Wild West mentality, sound, and vibe.

You and Your Nine is the San Antonio rap cover of Mtume – You, Me, and He. The song explains how people are quick to grab their heat but who won’t engage in physical fighting as they are scared to use their hands. Label mates Dirty Red and King 13 make an appearance. Mr. Joshay represented Commerce Street to the fullest. That was all Sean’s idea. Sean Tompkins put You and Your Nine on the Runnin Blind compilation first before later including the album on Mr. Joshay’s 21 Crunk St album in 1999. That was all Sean’s idea.

Sean Tompkins co-produced You and Your Nine and Ricé did the instrumentation arrangements. The song has a smooth but brooding sound of uncertainty. Things get kind of eerie due to the tone and sound. Still this song is regarded as old school San Antonio hip hop/rap at its finest.

King 13 the freestyle king graces the track first.

You bastards always talk about murderous shit. Gotta get your gat and your click because ya’ll can’t squabble it. Those same people are the same ones who go to the pen and end up being the first ones to get raped. Sucking dick and getting fucked like a bitch. Ain’t made to run on these streets. You grab your heat from under the drivers seat of your vehicle because your boxing game is weak. That ass gets beat and teeth are split. All this to avoid grief.

Bitch made to the core. Doing driveby shootings are easier than fighting. People who are cowards do driveby shootings because they can’t fight. We all gotta die in due time. Be true to yourself.

King 13 is strong in the rap game as he is the freestyle king of San Antonio rap/hip hop. He is flipping the flow with niggas that ain’t gonna last. King 13 was known for flipping flows in his rap back in the 90s.

Dirty Red raps on the second verse.

Dirty Red dedicates his hate to pussy packing niggaz bumping they gums about some beef shit. That could have been done a long time ago. Boxing ain’t the thang for them to do. They are bitch made to the core as King 13 said. Grabbing a fully automatic weapon is part of retaliating and causing static. Such mannerism is considered cold blooded to the bone.

Bumping Al Green and watching Al Capone. The name ain’t nothing but the skin tone. Dirty Red takes people on going head first. It hurts to see a player ball. These haters are looking for the next player to gank.

Mr. Joshay raps at the very end of this song.

Come fly with this young black villain. Look into his eyes and you’ll spot the killers at night. Young villains who stacking they scrilla. Young villains blast any motherfucker on sight. Like that. These niggaz don’t be playing in Texas.

Mr. Joshay tells people not to hesitate to shoot at him if they plan on doing so. Don’t waste his time if you ain’t finna pull the trigger. The song is aimed at the weak and fake people. Those type of people are quick to grab their guns instead of actually fight. They don’t last long as they are not made to run on these streets. You might as well shoot yourself.

Only Gangsta is a song performed by the rap trio Down and Dirty Click. Only Gangsta tells us that we aren’t the only people caught up in this life of crime. We aren’t the only ones trying to have fun under the sun. Tomorrow is not promised. What little time we have is borrowed and compromised.

Sometimes it’s hard to shake off the stress in your brain. It is hard living in these streets of despair. Scrubs and haters know nothing about coming up in the game of life. Players be tripping off the same old thing by talking about what they did. Then they are suddenly on the run. It really don’t make no sense. Is it over a trick or robbery that players be tripping off the same old thing? It’s really a shame that busters and haters don’t know the game. The game is life or death in these streets. Living day to day. Dealing with misery, pain, and death. Those are the ugly sides to the grime realities of street life.

The song was recorded in 1997 and used on the Runnin’ Blind compilation. Only Gangsta was produced by Ricé. 17 Freeze was the one who played the funky guitar. Stephanie Pint Gispson is the female who is singing.

Only Gangsta was the underground single that gave Down and Dirty Click a buzz in San Antonio, Texas. In fact, Sean Tompkins helped Only Gangsta get some radio play. Him promoting this song is what gave Down and Dirty Click a buzz in San Antonio. Only Gangsta was the buzz single for their debut album of the same name. Down and Dirty Click – Only Gangsta album was advertised in the Runnin Blind compilation and set to be released on August 1998.

However that did not happen because San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) held the DAT tapes for their album as evidence in a capital murder case of the engineer. The masters from Ricé’s studio were also held as evidence for at least a year. A year later in 1999, DDC was found innocent and SAPD returned the DATs to Sean Tompkins and Ricé. After the case was over, Sean had someone mix and digitally master their album after getting the DATs back. Ricé was involved with mastering a small portion of their songs. Skip Wayne and Mike B were the ones mixed the rest of their songs.

However Ricé only produced a couple of songs. This is because he thought when the engineer got killed, he started thinking it could happen to him. So he basically quit doing music production in 1999. Although he continued doing production for Commerce Street Records, Lil Sin, PKO, and other San Antonio artists again in 2000 until retiring in 2004. That is the reason why Ricé was not hands on with this Commerce Street Records album.

Down and Dirty Click had a radio single and a buzz as a group in San Antonio. Their DAT tapes being held as evidence is what hampered the success of their album. The album was eventually released in 1999. However the album was only pressed up in a limited run and did not sell very well.

Now the graphic design and artwork was done by Pen N Pixel. Sean did all his covers through the services of Pen N Pixel back then. The record wasn’t finished at the time. The artwork was done before their album was finished. Sean designed covers for the whole year at one time. So he would have 5 covers for inserts even before any of the albums were recorded.

SCG – 3 Shotz is suspense filled gangsta rap track that is filled with street drama. The sound effects are perfect as they fit in appropriately with the mood and vibe. SCG is part of Lil Sin’s SoufField click and Santee’s PRC label. Sir Noks (Sir Knox) and Ricé produced the song.

SCG is trapped in the game. He is pulling that strap and is not holding back, loc. He don’t give a fuck about the laws. Fuck them haters. Haters tried to kill him. SCG represents the SCG Click from the South Side of San Antonio. He has ties with the East Side though.

Fuck them haters. Haters tried to kill him. He caught someone slipping. Another murder and another homicide is in progress. He don’t give a fuck about another person’s death. That .9 millimeter shows no love as he pulls the hammer back. The set doesn’t have any love for fakers. Better watch out.

Now 3 Shotz was recorded a studio on Nolan Street which was a bail bonds office and not at Ricé’s Music Box Studios. Jason Collins was supposed to be on 3 Shotz with SCG, Sir Noks (Sir Knox), Lady Pimp, and Pimp C. However Jason Collins locked up. So the engineer and producer had to scrap the verse he laid. Lady Pimp got Jason’s verse and spot instead. SCG and Sir Noks did most of the rapping anyway.

Lil Short of ETG (East Terrace Gang) takes control of the song Straight Rida as he explains the hustles and struggles of his life. Every day is a struggle when you are a hustler like Lil Short. The song was dedicated to those a part of the East Terrace Gang. Ricé produced the song.

Guess who’s back? The nigga who pulled a jack and did a year and a half in jail. That would be Lil Short of ETG. He has to get his. He’s jacking for keeps. It’s an everyday struggle for him. That is why he hustles and is a hustler. He goes from hitting them jack to selling them packs. They are Bout It, Bout It in the city of SA like Master P. San Antonio is city where you have to hustle. Lil Short won’t settle for less until people tell him he is the best. Lil Short is a straight rida coming from the East Side neighborhood of East Terrace.

Lil Short is putting it down like he’s supposed to. A straight 27 soulja blowing on that doja. People stare at the return of the straight rida. A shop on East Commerce Street is where he shoots at police. He won’t stop until player haters drop. He is looking for ice. He is a ghetto star you can see at the clubs. There ain’t no love in this dirty game. Looking out for rivals, enemies, and law enforcement is something a hustler must deal with.

Lil Short was a victim of the ghetto as he was raised in the East Terrace housing projects. He had to become a rida at the age of 3. He had to become a rida to keep his family fed and taken care of. He had to compete with others in these wicked streets. That is not easy at all. He thanks God for not being dead yet because he grew up fast.

Tomorrow is not promised. What little time he has is borrowed and compromised. Lil Short will ride for ETG until he dies. He will kill if he has to. The song is well known for the lyrics, “Ain’t no sorrow. I ain’t promised tomorrow. So this little time I’ve got, I’m saying fuck it. It’s borrowed.” Everything goes.

No Matter What is about how the music business and life in general has changed. Use your brain and the game will be good to you. The game will be good to you if you let it. The song has one of the coldest beats ever heard and is layered with heavy double bass guitars. The drum programming is superb.

Now what’s interesting about the song No Matter What with Lil Sin and Nino of P.K.O. is that Lil Sin used lyrics from his song The Game Done Changed from his 1998 album Who Got Yo Back. Notice these lyrics? “But it’s hard to see who’s out to cross you in your path/I done ran with thug niggaz, drug dealers, and lots of killaz on the block/My eyes are on you fuck niggaz”

Lil Sin has the world in the palm of his hands. But it’s hard to see who’s out to cross you in your path. He’s ran with thug niggaz, drug dealers, and lots of killaz on the block. He had to change the crowd of people he associated himself with. His eyes are on these fuck niggaz who are trying to kill him for the people he associates himself with. One easy spot on the block is where Lil Sin is slanging.

Lil Sin is having things that younger G’s are hating him for. They are simply jealous of the material possessions he has. He’s changed his ways because fancy things have gotten to him. It’s gotten to the point where shady people have been watching. In order to maintain you have to use your fucking brain. Shady people will get to your money if you let them take it. Use your brain and the game will be good to you. Game will be good to you if you let it.

Nino will put his steel chrome up against your dome. You’re gonna feel the wrath from the blast. Watch your ass! SA fools are putting it down. Smoking pounds of weed on the East Side of SA-Town. Nino will fuck around and pull your card. Nino has the water and Lil Sin has them kilos. Nino is that fool others love to hate.

Sweet-P put a gangsta rap spin on the Rose Royce classic Love Don’t Live Here Anymore and turned that into You Can’t Slang Here. You Can’t Slang Here is about how Sweet-P will murder outside dealers and hustlers who attempt to control the drug trade on his street. Endo, Big Tiny, and Ricé produced the song. LAMM on Burnet! What ya’ll know about that?

If you’re not from this hood or from this street, you can’t slang here anymore. You can’t sell your dope here anymore. You can’t sell your drugs here anymore. If you’re not from street, you can’t hang here anymore.

These fools try to come into Sweet-P’s hood and short stop (short change) the drug trade in his neighborhood. If they keep on doing that then they will surely get murdered. Sweet-P won’t let that happen. He could understand if these hunters and dealers were paying rent to one of his dope houses. But they haven’t paid him any money.

Sweet-P is that player slanging dope on Burnet Road in Lockwood Park. He controls Burnet Street. He don’t give a damn about these haters. Task Force won’t get away with his cash because he won’t let that happen either.

Man In Da Mirror is one of the more dark horrorcore songs on the album next to Lil Short – Revenge. Ricé laced the song with some heavy bass with that funky guitar of his. The song uses excerpts from the 1995 movie Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh which gives this song an edge of horrorcore, darkness, and mysteriousness.

The synopsis of this song revolves around Kaos and a dream he had. The only way for him to escape was to open his eyes and survive in order to avoid death. He really does think no one understands the way he feels. The vision he is having is speaking back to him by giving him instructions on what to do in this situation. So he contemplates on what he needs to get done and accomplish in order to escape this dream he is having.

An excerpt from the 1995 movie Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh is used in the beginning. “The mirror is the secret of my strength. The keeper of my soul.”

Kaos work up real early this morning from a bad dream. Enemies are in his past are trying to blast an assassin. In his dream he knew he was about to die. The only way for him to escape was to open his eyes and survive. That is his main goal currently speaking.

He really does think no one understands the way he feels. The vision he is having is speaking back to him by giving him instructions on what to do in this situation. So he contemplates on what he needs to get done and accomplish in order to escape this dream he is having. Either he is the one who is tripping or his mirror needs to be replaced.

He is pacing back and forth to get his mind straight. He can’t go to sleep because these niggaz are gonna hate. On the other hand he needs to make a decision quickly. Go back to sleep and get these niggaz or either face his visions. Every time he steps close to the mirror he hears a devilish voice to make that choice. Kaos does not understand why is it that the voice wants him to be so violent. Kaos can’t seem to get one moment of silence. He is running from himself and them niggaz with no time to think.

Kaos is coming through with reflections on thoughts of homicide and misery. Contemplate on your actions because you never should have called for Kaos. You see visions of death that will take over your freedom and mind eternally. Kaos will verbally rupture you. So you better remember his name. Look into his eyes and feel his pain. Tragedy is in your path. He’ll be coming for your ass through your reflection.

The song ends with an excerpt from the 1995 movie Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh. “Break the mirror, break the curse.”

Revenge is a gangsta horrorcore rap song by Lil Short known for having such heavy bass and eerie blips that leave everlasting impacts in your memory. Lil Short and Charles explains how he plans to act out his revenge for all his dead homies and niggaz in the penitentiary on their behalf.

Lil Short got a call about 12 o’clock at midnight. Some nigga just dumped on his crib in East Terrace. So he gets a rental car to split some fools wig. The first person he sees will be slaughtered and killed. He puts that on ETG (East Terrace Gang). Everything goes. Ain’t no fucking with Lil Short. He’s got that 12 gauge pump and still puffing them blunts. He hops out of the rental car in a devil disguise. Next he calls out his alibi. He’s about to serve out a bloody murder. The first person he planned to murder and slaughter was at Murf’s Burger. (In memory of Murf’s Better Burger) Lil Short rolls 4 deep in a Landcruiser causing down these back streets. They finna put people to sleep. They dug your ditch so you’re getting in. It’s settled. You’re as has to pay.

Lil Short wants revenge for all his dead homies and niggaz in the penitentiary. That’s why he’s smoking blunts and sipping gin.

It’s getting crazy. These hoes want to fade Charles. He packs that steel gun. Ya’ll niggaz better before Charles feels like runnin blind with two black 9’s. Him and Lil Short are finna ride on the East Side of San Antonio, Texas. There ain’t no shame on what Charles claims. You better know his game and where he comes from.

Lil Short and Charles are rolling 2 deep in a stolen car which is the Landcruiser Lil Short mentioned in his verse which was Verse 1. They are going to bust on these niggaz tonight. Lil Short is gone off that fry feeling like a monster. They steadily running and gunning without leaving any trace behind them. This is the last time he letting know.

Lil Short and Charles want revenge for all his dead homies and niggaz in the penitentiary.

The C Stud Vill song known as Time Pass By is known for having such super thick heavy bass and chords that will definitely rattle your speakers. P-Freeman produced the song even though the song was already finished. The song is aimed at fakers, fraudsters, and haters.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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