EPIDEMIC is a similar album in the vein of the recent Jay-Z – 4:44 as Seattle, Washington rapper SIC ILL describes himself. EPIDEMIC is another new nerdcore rap album of his for August 2017. SIC ILL seems to be going in a different direction for this album. This time, however, SIC ILL’s girlfriend Veronica Adaro produced the entire album and is featured on Fantastico. The EPIDEMIC album will be SIC ILL’s 2nd major release from Fahrenheit Records of first Degree The DE fame and Brotha Lynch Hung fame.

The beginning of How I’m Living has a very powerful jazzy vibe. A touch of jazz can be felt at the beginning of the track. SIC ILL experiments with jazz rap in How I’m Living. How I’m Living is upbeat within terms of similarity to upbeat jazz. The beats and percussion ensemble are what gives How I’m Living an upbeat jazz vibe. Although in this case the beats are what give How I’m Living an upbeat jazz vibe relatively speaking. The beats are not too fast. Furthermore, the beats are perfect.

SIC ILL tells us, the audience, how he’s living in 2017. He is not living the glorious lifestyle of the rich and famous. No flashy cars or none of that. Or living with immaterial things. Materialism is not a priority of his. SIC ILL is just living his life and keeping it real for 2017.

Tippy has a new school rap vibe and feel for the most part. Take notice of the mumble rap for example in an instance. SIC ILL sounds very much like a mixture of Rick Ross and Rich Homie Quan on Tippy. For the most part, SIC ILL sounds like Rick Ross on this track.

SIC ILL’s girlfriend (Veronica Adaro) was featured on Fantastico in the intro and chorus not to mention hooks. Not only is Veronica featured on Fantastico, she produced Fantastico! She put in a lot of hard work and effort into producing Fantastico in terms of production. Having her work featured on this album was a wonderful idea. Fantastico was great.

Zeus welcomes us with a heavy hitting barrage of percussion with a dark sound. Zeus is something very similar to what you would hear from Esham. The beats are fire as SIC ILL himself put it. Overall Zeus has a dark underground sound quite similar to underground rap.

Did I leave your mind? is a Michael Jackson inspired rap song by SIC ILL hence the Michael Jackson sample used all over the place in this song. SIC ILL wonders if he did leave your mind when he was gone. The song has a touch of pop flair and old school soul. The beats are fire!

Heardugot is offbeat humor with a touch of nerdcore rap. Some of the instrumentation is offbeat and off key. Heardugot is the weakest track off the EPIDEMIC album.

Sun welcomes us with a refreshing piano solo for an opening. The piano solo was a brilliant way to open the track Sun. Sun has a fresh new sound in song formation. Overall the fresh beats help give off a fresh new sound for Sun. Overall the beats are fire!

Jacuzzi is another jazz rap track with a jazzy vibe similar to How I’m Living at the very beginning of the EPIDEMIC album. However Jacuzzi is not upbeat as How I’m Living was. Upright bass playing gives Jacuzzi a slow mellow feel and vibe. Some of the instrumentation is offbeat. However the beats are upbeat which ironic since a slow jazz sample is used for Jacuzzi.

Bass is hard and heavy hitting leaving an everlasting impact in your ears on Naked Mole Rat. The bass will leave a long everlasting impact inside your ears. Naked Mole Rat is about how love is a battlefield.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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