September 24, 2023

Falcon – Mi Barrio is one of the most sought after and wanted Latin rap albums in the music market. Each song is sprinkled with Spanish rap with that enhanced Latin flavor. Latin music meets Spanish rap on this album. Pro-La Raza raps, Latin music with that Spanish flavor, a twist of Bolero, and street savvy raps are what you can expect to hear on this album. Mi Barrio was the debut release from Spanish rapper MC Falcon aka Reggie Falcon. Mi Barrio was released on cassette only in 1997. There is no CD version of this album. There are 4 songs total on this album. San Antonio Express-News and San Antonio Beat, along with several other newspapers, wrote news articles and album reviews on Falcon – Mi Barrio back in 1997.

Acción is a Spanish rap song entranced with that Latin music flavor. The entire song is rapped in the Spanish language. A small tinge of mambo is added. The whole song is bad ass! Acción was produced by Wikit J in 1997 back when Fifth Sun Music still existed.

His song Acción was included and featured on several albums throughout the 90s and 2000s. Acción was featured on the Brown Tribe – Domination album, the Capone – Mis Carnales compilation, and was later included on his 2005 album Pure Halo as “Acción 2005”. Those are just a few examples of where this Falcon song can be heard.

The song Mi Barrio is dedicated to the West Side of San Antonio and the neighborhood Falcon is from. Mi Barrio is Spanish for “my neighborhood”. The song Mi Barrio is laced with Bolero styled Latin music over a smoky blues harmonica over groovy guitars. This song was a hit on the West Side of San Antonio back in 1997.

Falcon represents the West Side of San Antonio for life. The West Side of San Antonio is the “brown side of town”. He is living la vida loca. (He is living the crazy life.) Falcon is not afraid to show off his Spanish ancestry, Spanish background, and Brown Pride. There ain’t much good in the neighborhood Falcon comes from. Yet he still shows off his Brown Pride. Staying strapped is a good decision. Robbing your own kind ain’t good. His mind is in a pit.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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