Review: Lil Sin – No Apologies

Lil Sin’s No Apologies album is the most highly demanded San Antonio rap album of 2021. Lil Sin made his comeback to rap again in 2021. His album is what’s trending in San Antonio rap these days. His album is blazing on these streets and online. Well entirely online since No Apologies is a digital album.

He hits everyone with his raw versatile hardcore lyrics with a no holds barred attitude. Lil Sin’s voice pierces into your soul as you can feel every emotion in his lyrics. This album showcases and exemplifies some of the best work Lil Sin has done with his songs. Lil Sin came back to represent (rep) his city. So stand up, 210! Donnie Singleton produced the entire album. Donnie Singleton and Lil Sin both put their feet in recording this album. Undoubtedly Donnie Singleton and Lil Sin shocked the world and put San Antonio back on the map with this album. Lil Sin is still here with no apologies.

The recording process of the No Apologies album took 3 years which lasted from 2018 to 2021. The album was originally scheduled to be released in 2018. However the album not released in 2018 and was constantly pushed back due to production issues with mixing and mastering. Disagreements on mixing and mastering is what lead the album to be pushed back several times and remain unreleased. The album was eventually released to all streaming platforms on May 5, 2021.

Only 300 copies of the No Apologies album were pressed in CD format. That is because No Apologies is specifically a digital album which is available to stream on Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, and other streaming platforms. No Apologies is available on all streaming services.

No Apologies was and is Lil Sin’s favorite album which is a personal favorite of his. He really hasn’t dropped an album in (almost) over 20 years if you don’t count My Secret, Livin N Sin, Fallen Star, Greatest Flames, or his Young Namar albums which were sold out of the trunk.

The title track No Apologies is a no holds barred style raw hardcore lyrical rap song where Lil Sin does not hold back. Lil Sin is sorry for nothing. He does not apologize for nothing. So no apologies! No Apologies is aimed at all whack rappers, critics, and haters. Why do people take music so personal? No Apologies shows the mean side of Ronnie Warner Jr. also.

Lil Sin is sorry for nothing. He does not apologize for nothing. So there will be no apologies coming from him. Do not expect any apologies to come from him. He says this in the chorus, “No apologies!/I’m not sorry for nothing”

The Hard Way with Jimi Starr was the last song recorded for the No Apologies album. Nobody does production work like Donnie Singleton does. Lil Sin aka Young Namar is always putting in work.

Stress deals with keeping it pushing and never throwing in the towel even when you got knocked down a few times. Your legacy and name shall live on. It’s a blessing to still get love from your city and fans across the world.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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