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Review: Nicole Wray – Dream Factory Sessions

The Dream Factory Sessions album is another album from Nicole Wray that went unnoticed and was unfortunately overshadowed. The album is a mixture of genres ranging from pop to soul. Most of the material from Dream Factory Sessions was produced and recorded in 2004 for the Lovechild album that was supposed to be released on Roc-A-Fella Records, Def Jam, and Damon Dash Music Group (DDMG and DD172) back in 2005. Nicole Wray was also signed to 7 Aurelius label called Dream Factory at the time too. Most of the songs were recorded between the years of 2003 to 2006. However most of that material was produced and recorded in 2004. 7 Aurelius produced all 11 songs on this Nicole Wray album. All these songs were produced in high quality. Nicole Wray served as executive producer.

7 allowed Nicole Wray to be free and to work alongside him by producing and writing. Which can be attributed to why Dream Factory Sessions was considered outside of her natural raw singing talent. She was allowed to be creative. The Dream Factory Sessions were the most amazingly creative time of her life.

Most of these songs remained unreleased until 2011 when 7 Aurelius released the Dream Factory Sessions album as a digital download on iTunes and Juno Download in the United Kingdom on the date of 11/11/2011. (Dream Factory Sessions has been pulled from iTunes since then.) 7 Aurelius intended for Dream Factory Sessions to be a digital album which is why Dream Factory Sessions is only available on the internet as a digital download instead of a physical format. Dream Factory Sessions has been pulled from iTunes since 2012. The reason why was due to a lack of downloads and demand.

Both Nicole Wray and 7 Aurelius worked hard to get this album to be released out to the public. The reason why it took so long for the Dream Factory Sessions album to be released is because 7 Aurelius had to buy the music rights, publishing rights, and streaming rights from Roc-A-Fella Records, Def Jam, and Damon Dash Music Group in order for this Nicole Wray album to be released. That is the reason why Dream Factory Sessions was released in 2011.

Despite that, Nicole Wray had very little and/or no control over the release Dream Factory Sessions. 7 Aurelius was responsible for the release. He referred to Dream Factory Sessions as a lost album. Despite track longevity with 11 songs, Dream Factory Sessions is/was referred to as a mixtape by Nicole Wray fans. Although that is not the case here.

The only downsides are that some of these songs are from Nicole Wray’s previous albums such as Boss Chick, Boss Bitch, and I Found You. Take the songs Boomerang Theory, Drumz, and Miserable People. Nonetheless, Dream Factory Sessions is still a great Nicole Wray album for both old and new fans. All these songs were high quality! Boomerang, Lost, Masquerade, and Drumz are dope as hell! Dream Factory Sessions is one of those albums that got overlooked by the masses and general public. Those who have been following Nicole Wray over the years can see her growth as an artist.

Dream Factory is a song Nicole Wray recorded back in 2005 for her Lovechild album that was supposed to be released on Roc-A-Fella Records. Of course the famous producer 7 Aurelius produced Dream Factory for her. He was responsible for producing those hot beats you hear. Dream Factory is also known as Lollipop to longtime Nicole Wray fans. Dream Factory is also the song that appeared in the State Property 2 soundtrack & film in 2005. Roc-A-Fella Films included Lollipop in the State Property 2 film.

Dream Factory had everyone going crazy in the dance clubs back in the mid 2000s. The beats were absolutely nuts. Nicole Wray had an underground buzz with this song despite it not being chosen as a buzz single. The New York City club scene is where Dream Factory first gained an underground.

Masquerade is a remix version of Sarah from Nicole Wray’s Independence Day mixtape from 2007 on FOE from Atlanta, Georgia. Masquerade is an updated version of Sarah as Masquerade revisits Sarah from Nicole Wray’s Independence Day with rearrangements in sound and change in production by none other than 7 Aurelius. The production is ill as 7 Aurelius is an ill producer. Nicole Wray based this song off her own life experiences after her faltering career with Missy Elliott on Goldmind Inc. from 1996 to 2001. Her experiences in this song are based off her post Missy Elliott years before signing to Roc-A-Fella.

Nicole Wray knew this girl from around the way back in her hometown of Portsmouth, Virginia. She was a girl from around the way who Nicole Wray used to kick it with everyday. Apparently she lived on the corner. Every night she is awakened by a gunshot. Nicole Wray now makes hints indicating this girl was being abused. Her mother was nowhere to be found in her life. She was deep in the streets on her own.

Well this girl is making money in the nightlife while living the fast life. She is living both a fast life and nightlife on a double-edged sword by living on the edge. She don’t know any better in what to believe in. She is loving all the wrong people for the wrong reasons. The girl in the song is Nicole Wray.

Misery loves company on the song Miserable People. The mellow and vibe are smooth, timid, and slow. Miserable People is from her 2010 albums Boss Bitch and Boss Chick. The beautiful mellow piano solo at the beginning of Miserable People helps give off a mellow vibe that is not too ecstatic. Miserable People has a loud and powerful essence in the sound.

Nicole Wray laces the track with her soulful singing about how misery loves company. Nicole Wray states there is so many things to love about life. In reality, there is so many things to love about living life. Life has its ups and downs. So why hate? Nicole Wray does not want miserable people in her life. She won’t let it get the best of her.

Drumz is a love song with very loud ultra-heavy thick beats from 7 Aurelius over a tempo of 122 BPM which is the most BPM on this album.. 7 Aurelius produced and recorded Drumz even though the production sounds a bit distorted. Not surprising since this song uses some thick distortion in various places throughout the song. It’s another great song you will love! You’ll get used to the distortion after a little while as the song progresses.

There is a bit pop infused in this song. These lyrics are quite poppish, “LOVE IS CANDY/LOVE IS BUBBLEGUM/CHOCOLATE CANDY/ LOVE IS YUMMY YUM/I FEEL SEXY” This is the pop portion of this song.

Almost Famous was produced by 7 Aurelius. Almost Famous is accompanied by a barrage of live instruments including a small violin ensemble the beginning. The beats are absolutely amazing! Live instrumentation is perfect for a song like this song.

Almost Famous is a throwback song down memory lane which is where Nicole Wray takes us on this song.
Just today Nicole Wray saw her ex-boyfriend’s smile. She has not seen him in a while. He made her feel so good and all the other girls knew it. She wonders if his kisses are still the same. She wondered if they had another chance. Nicole would love to call him her man (my man). How he kissed the girls, broke their hearts, and gave them material things. She is loving him all over again.

She remembers when they used to go for rides. He would let the top down letting wind blow. Sippin’ on hennessey. They always looked good together. It’s not the same because Nicole is all caught up in the games her ex played.

This Kiss is a futuristic love song produced by 7 Aurelius and written by Nicole Wray. Beats were created by 7 Aurelius. Of course This Kiss is a love song.

Boomerang Theory is one of those upbeat songs with a mellow vibe and positive feel you will hear in those coffee shop songs and frozen yogurt place songs. Boomerang Theory is also known as Boomerang Effect to you Nicole Wray fans out there. Boomerang Theory was produced in 2006 by 7 Aurelius her Lovechild album and her 2011 single I Found You on DDMG.

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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