Review: deadmau5 ‎– Everything Is Complicated

deadmau5 ‎– Everything Is Complicated is one of the lesser known EPs from deadmau5. Fans of electronic music will enjoy this EP for years to come. It’s techno music with that progressive house sound of which house heads truly enjoy.

secondary complications is breathtaking unique deadmau5 song. This is because the song used 3 major notes and keys of C, D, and E being played at once. The song uses a mixture of techno and progressive house.deadmau5’s minimal house game really shows on secondary complications. secondary complications should have been named as 5econdary complication5. Secondary Complications was only available exclusively on the Beatport website.

The kicks are pitched differently. All 3 musical notes and keys of C, D, and E are played at once. All major notes and keys (C, D, and E) play seconds apart. The D key progresses after the C key is played. In a way, the D key overlaps the C key by 20% percent.

secondary complications uses a plucky low pass filter. A sawtooth is used with a filter and hardcore compression. The compression gives the synths and sawtooth a distorted sound. A handful of filters and equalizers seem to have been used on the song. Sample delay is used in an extremely quick manner.

everything before uses a low end filter in a perfect way. The song everything before uses a progressive house sound. Electro meets techno and the sounds of progressive house music.

The percussion consists of a kick and clap. The beat progresses slowly over time. Notice during the middle of the song is when and where the beat picks up to a faster pace. The beat stays at a constant pace throughout parts of this song. Time signature used for this song is 4|4.

everything after uses a plucky low pass filter which is why there is a rumble inside of the synths. Subwoofer bass is used on the song which is why you hear bass rumbling inside of the synths. The song everything after is perfect for a rave or the dance floor.

complications has a percussive drum beat that is considerably slow. The percussive drum nearly overlap the reverb and synths you hear in the background. The sound off bongos are a bit off key. The sound is monotonous. A rhythm is used. Overall the song is okay.

I rate this EP 4/5****!!

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