Review: Jhiame – From Memphis 2 Houston

Jhiame – From Memphis 2 Houston is regarded as a modern day Purple Rain. Even Jhiame himself regards From Memphis 2 Houston as a modern day Purple Rain. 20 tracks of history on modernized classical beats and heat. The album puts R&B back into hip hop with a soul touch and twist while combining the Memphis sound with that Houston sound. From Memphis 2 Houston features live musicians on many of the songs.

The album serves as the chronicles of Lil June Banks. This album took Jhiame 20 years to make. Jhiame considers this album his best work.

The album From Memphis 2 Houston was released as a digital download online in January 2020. You can find this album on all streaming outlets.

Dat Cumbak Stuff is a Prince and Morris Day duet tribute performed by Jhiame and a handful of live musicians. Jhiame claims the Minneapolis sound had a direct correlation to the Memphis sound. Prince Nelson is the reason Jhiame started recording.

The song is a straight up soul classic which is considered to be a throwback by many Jhiame fans. Which is exactly why you can hear that throwback sound as you listen to this song. The sounds of Prince and Morris Day are what’s missing in music today. The sound of Prince needs to be commemorated. The song is so 80s and 90s. That is the beauty in Dat Cumbak Stuff.

The beat on I’m Tha Rite 1 was produced by John Bido and samples Geto Boys – My Minds Playing Tricks On Me. I’m Tha Rite 1 is Jhiame’s cover of Geto Boys – My Minds Playing Tricks On Me. Jhiame stays on key and on note when he sings. The musical tone is set right.

Jhiame relates to Verse 2 the most because it actually happened to him with his first ex. Read the lyrics below to get a better understanding.

Keep it real,
U can ride, u can live, u can die
Trick fuck wit me
I’m Tha Rite 1

[Verse 2]
I made big money, I drove a lotta cars
Everybody know me! An H-Town star
It’s late at night but something ain’t right
Dis chic/bitch is getting texts by the same playa/nigga ain’t right
Is the hater/nigga that I ran down the block?
Or is it that fool that I almost shot?
Or is it that trick/bitch we beat for $5,000 dollars?
Thought he met a model but in fact he had a robber

Now she tryna do me!
Treat me like a sucker
Ain’t no use of me lying
I’m getting mad as a muthafucka
Caught her cheating at Popeyes, then pulled up quick
You better take this trick!
Take this lick
Get yo shit!
It’s over with!

Looking dumb coming back like I figured
She found out he was a lame ass nigga
What she’s saying had my new lady gigglin’
This chic/bitch here bipolar
She ain’t gettin it
Don’t wanna hear that noise
I thought you were a true 100%
Found out that you a fraud
While she watchin’ I’m cocking and waiting on da drama

Summa Breeze features Paul Wall and has that classic Houston sound. If you come from Houston or making it out of Houston, you show the drop tops and slabs love. They are the ones play the underground music almost before everyone else. Summa Breeze pays respect to H-Town car culture.

Parts of Summa Breeze samples DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime. The part I am referring to in particular are the riffs and sines. The sines in particular are what sample DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime. The song is so 90s. That is the beauty in Summa Breeze. It’s gutta soul music.

I Got Shot is Jhiame’s tribute to Willie D – Clean Up Man and Marvin Gaye – Make Me Wanna Holler which features live musicians. That is why you the bongo samples from Marvin Gaye – Make Me Wanna Holler in the background as Jhiame sings. Hip hop meets R&B/soul on I Got Shot. The song follows a Marvin Gaye melody.

The sounds of Curtis Mayfield meets Twista and the Isley Brothers with Al Green on the song iRemember When. iRemember When was produced by Pimp C with all Memphis musicians. The song borrows a Jazzy Pha beat.

(Itgodine)4REAL is one funky track backed by a funky electric guitar. The song was produced by DJ Gold.

YA MOMMA SIDEPIECE is a song dedicated to the lovely side chicks out. You know the ones (women) who you keep by your side in private and in secret. Many Jhiame fans regard this song as a classic. The song was released as a single online in 2014.

The title track From Memphis 2 Houston combines the Memphis sound with that Houston sound hence the appropriate title. It’s gutta soul music.

Jhiame wrote the song MOE~Yo! (aSoufsidenNawfsideLuvstory) for the late great rapper Big Moe. The song serves as a tribute and a reminder of his legacy.

U MY FAVORITE BITCH! is a blues meets hip hop from tha gutta type of sound. Think Al Green meets Little Milton. The song samples an R. Kelly beat. U MY FAVORITE BITCH is referred to as a cafe single. Right here is some new blues. Blues with a new touch.

I rate this album 4/5****!


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