Review: Lil Slim – Powder Shop

With the underground success of his debut album The Game Is Cold, he soon recorded a follow-up album called Powder Shop. New Orleans bounce meets gangsta rap. Lil Slim can really take credit for Cash Money’s early sound. The tracks are produced by Manny Fresh. Some of the songs have samples in them. These were the rhymes that the whole city switched up for in their bounce songs. This album is hot from beginning to end and is without a doubt an instant classic! You can’t find good rap like this anymore.

Lil Slim creates his own style of bounce music called Eagle Street Bounce on the track Eagle St. Bounce. The song itself is a classic among Lil Slim fans due to the sound of New Orleans bounce music. Eagle St. Bounce is an original song Lil Slim wrote himself.

Hoes I used to sweat II revisits Hoes I used to sweat from the The Game Is Cold album. Lil Slim mimics and parodies the style DJ Jubilee and his song Stop, Pause. Although it’s a decent song with low production, the song itself gets repetitive with subject material.

Blunt after Blunt is a decent song Mannie Fresh produced himself. Powder Shop is title track that has many drug references galore.

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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