September 24, 2023

Mad One ‎– Poetic Science / I Shoulda is an interesting hip hop cassette single which came from San Antonio, Texas. This cassette single has a more East Coast hip hop vibe than the typical southern rap of that time. Classic mid-90s hip hop b-boy joints from the underground. True hip hop at its finest. Real talk! Now finding this cassette will be difficult because it is extremely rare. Not that many copies seemed to have been pressed.

Avicii was the in-house producer for this single. He produced all 2 songs.

I Shoulda uses sick beats and a mean bass guitar. The “sometimes” sample actually adds to the rawness of the beat despite not being in sync. The song I Shoulda uses high tape compression in terms of sound quality. The lyrics are good but the mixing is bad. Mad One attacks the mass with vernacular lyrical skills.

I Shoulda original sampled Etta James – Something’s Got A Hold On Me. Now Etta James – Something’s Got A Hold On has been sampled several times in music. That is where the “Sometimes I get a good feeling” sample came from. That sample has been used in music throughout several years.

You get done one by one by his tongue. So fuck your guns. Did you hear me clear? You gettin’ dropped when I found your group. Oops, did I expose your bros as fake? Why even walk on my path when your toes will break? Fools await to realize that your time is through cause I shoulda been signed back in 92.

He’ll bring the pain like Method Man when he breaks up your grill. My agenda is contenders who contest.

Mad One is a dope rapper from another dimension. Did I mention that is what the song Dimension is about? Either way, Mad One takes us into the third dimension on the song Dimension.

Mad One takes us to the third dimension with his vernacular lyrical skills with the use of metaphors, creative flows, and punch lines. His Texas intellect is what he calls the third dimension. He can get your intellect in jeopardy.

You see, Mad One has been living in the darkness for some time now. He is the baddest of the unsigned. He enters ceremonies with the humblest of attitudes. By doing this, he engages in battle raps. For example, these lyrics are battle raps.: “I flatter crews, but if they battle I’ma have to batter crews/So who’s the next kid in line for execution?/I’m ready to go to war for I’m blind with revolution”

In conclusion, he sinks into your thoughts like telepathy. If lead leaks, then you’ll fit the description of a dead beast. So cease. You only bring yourself mental tension. Pay attention. For you have now entered the third dimension. You’ve been warned. So beware of the contender.

I rate this single 4/5****!!

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