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The Shining. A horror movie which is a timeless masterpiece.

The horror movie The Shining is a classic and timeless masterpiece of a movie! Some people say, “The Shining is a timeless masterpiece!” Others say The Shining is the most badass horror movie made next to the original Saw movie. Clearly the movie The Shining was inspired by horror films, movies of the psycho thriller genre, and Stephen King. Think about the film scores and songs used the movie. The words dark, mysterious, and foreboding can be used to describe the movie The Shining.

Others say The Shining is the most badass horror movie made. One thing is for sure is that the movie will bring back nostalgic childhood memories thanks to that retro nostalgic feel and vibe. The Shining is a conceptional masterpiece.

Scenes such as the hallway scene where Jack roams the hallway looking for that woman to kill. Jack is peeking through her window and sees her running up the stairs. He knows he’s gonna find her whether she is be underneath the bed or behind a shower curtain. Or maybe in the closet, but I’m really not for certain. So Jack continues to run down the hallway.

Him putting his ear to the wall and popping out of the woodworks was another epic scene that actor Jack Nicholson made memorable. Stanley Kubrick sure knows how to direct such memorable and epic scenes.

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