Review: Kaskade – Dynasty

Dynasty is one of Kaskade’s more party oriented albums which despite having that party sound has some deep tracks such as Dynasty and Start Again. Now the album has your zany songs such as Fire in Your New Shoes and Human Reactor. The compulsory love songs are included on the album. Still Kaskade manages to keep things consistent with his production.

The title track is one of his deeper songs on the album. Now dynasty in this sense means the rule of sequence in both directions. In this case the dynasty means going forwards. Dynasty does not a sequence of rulers from the same family or group in this song, like the Ming dynasty, as some uninformed people would have you believe. Dynasty is a love song.

We can turn the page forward together. We will all see the dynasty. Yeah, we all have given up. We all have taken up. But tonight we will live it up. Because love has never gone. This is a dynasty. Now we celebrate knowing that love has and will set us straight.

Fire in Your New Shoes explores Kaskade’s weird and exquisite for certain types of clothing. His exquisite taste of clothing leaves much to the mind to be desired. His preferences in clothing are certainly questionable to many people by their standards. He seems to have developed a borderline abnormal fetish for certain types of clothing. Fire in Your New Shoes is one of his most materialistic songs. Fire in Your New Shoes is a Kaskade style of New York Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week.

Martina Sobara sings all of the lyrics. He takes charge vocally of this song while Kaskade does his thing with production as always. Kaskade produces and arranges the instrumentation

Kaskade likes tight outfits with zippers that pinch. Leather in every color is clothing he desires. He’s going Rococo with sequins on leather in the summer. Kaskade is referring to 18th century French fashion called Rococo. His obsession with leather leaves the listeners yearning for more. He explained some of his tastes in clothing on Verse 1 which were zippers, leather, sequins, and 18th century French fashion.

The buttons are busted on his leather clothing. So he designed an ornament with gold and silver plating. These explain what Kaskade has done to this clothing.: “Buttons are busted, we’re decorated/We make an ornament with gold and silver plating/So what’s the latest, we raise a fever” He explained some of his other tastes in clothing on Verse 2 which were buttons and ornaments. For some reason ornaments are a huge deal to him.

Lyrics in the pre-chorus explain to us that showing off your clothing while being on the runway is the best. The cameras are flashing and the audience is applauding as they are excited. These lyrics will have your thinking of runway fashion shows.

[Pre-Chorus: Martina Sobara]
So come
Twirl your dresses around
Lift your cotton socks on
And turn your cameras on now for the fun

Start Again deals with the fears, anxiety, and uncertainty of starting over again at something in life. The song also deals with betrayal and rejection. Kaskade brings out the beauty of electronic music in this song with several layers of instrumentation. The song is totally uplifting.

There’s a start and end to every dream and fear. There’s a start and end to your tears, fears, hopes, and dreams. Sometimes we have feeling we don’t know how to handle because of betrayal and rejection. You start over again in life by holding onto your dreams and not looking back at the past. That is how you start again.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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