Review: Torrey Carter – The Life I Live

The reason Torrey Carter did not get very much success was because he sounded as a carbon-copy of Ginuwine. The market was not looking for that at the time. Torrey had recorded his album and Right before his album was due for released he was dropped from Elektra and Goldmind Inc.! It was due to Atlantic Records revamping. He was the third male artist to sign to Missy Elliott’s Goldmind Inc. in 1999 and 2000 next to Timbaland and Magoo. Timbaland should have been a producer on this album more.

Torrey had basically went behind the scenes and went into production after The Life I Live album was released and later shelved. The Life I Live album was released as a limited press. The kid had potential, but he sounded too much like Ginuwine. He was a knock-off of Ginuwine to most music fans. Let me put that way. The whole album of The Life I Live is Soul. Just think R&B/Soul.

If Same Ol’ and If It’s Money That You Want were promoted as singles and music videos were made with time and efforts into these songs the album would have sold better. Torrey should have tried not to mold himself just to fit in with the other R&B/Soul male artists that were out there at the time.

That’s why only a limited number of promotional copies of this album were pressed on CD and why The Life I Live was not given a proper release by Goldmind Inc. and Elektra.
Torrey Carter was carbon-copy of Ginuwine and Usher similar to how Lil Johnny was a carbon-copy of Usher as well! Other than that, Torrey Carter should just stick to releasing singles and EPs.

Take That is the club banger of the album! Take That was named in Vibe Magazine’s Top 10 Club and Head Bangers & Summer Jams of 2000! It also has Missy Elliott’s mad ad-lib’s to add to it. Missy herself is on the chorus. The Latin guitar riff is heard throughout the whole song. It has a catchy beat. Take That is aimed at all the those trifling backstabbing females that really don’t love Torrey. Take That is all about bling-bling and keeping it clean too.

Shotgun is about cheating one ex-lovers and playing around as well as playing games with them. This one features the gospel artist Lil Mo man ex-protege of Missy Elliot as well!. Shotgun also is aimed at all the those trifling backstabbing females that really don’t love Torrey.

The Life I Live (The Life I Wanna Live) features Nokio of Dru Hill. This is the title track. It’s about the good life. Getting to do what you want like com home late at night and sleep all day, have sex in hotels, and such as being carefree! All that good shit!

Cream (Ride or Die) features both Lil Mo and Nokio of Dru Hill is about is having your love partner always by your side in a relationship until death. It’s basically Ride or Die. A marriage theme song to say the least. It is about sexual intercourse.

Same ‘Ol features Missy Elliot. The track starts out with Missy Elliott arguing that Torrey Carter is in the studio recording music every damn night. He’s not selling that many cuts and records. Missy tells him to look at this damn house, he hasn’t took out the trash, hasn’t paid the bills, and really he hasn’t done anything. He basically has done nothing.

Torrey comes home late at night and sleeps all day. Missy wonders what Torrey is going to do with himself. Torrey states that he’s been working hard overtime. He’s busting his ass making themselves dough. Torrey can’t seem to get it right. He’s about to give up.

The beats and synth horn were off key on the track Insanity. Bounce and soul do not mix together. That’s one thing the producer for this here track did not do a good job.

I rate this album 3/5***.

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