Review: Johnny P – The Next

Review: Johnny P – The Next

Johnny P’s The Next album was one of Rap A Lot’s lesser known albums which not too many rap fans or soul fans know about. The Next is similar to the sounds of Sam Cooke, Shai, Carl Thomas, Billy Cook, or Ginuwine. His vocals change with the fresh lyrics. His vocal change when singing the lyrics is remarkable. Most songs on this album are slow jams.

You may remember Johnny P as the man who sung the hooks for Do Or Die’s songs or Scarface’s Smile. This man has got one of the best voices to come out of Chicago next to R. Kelly, Chaka Khan, and Miki Howard. Johnny P (John Pigram) was one of Chicago’s most underrated singers who did not get the recognition or shine truly deserved. Sadly he never received any mainstream recognition. This R&B album suffered from a lack of promotion.

The title track has a fat bass line which follows beats produced by Handsome One. Not Bido as many people would have you think. The bass and beats blend in perfectly together on this soul song of his. Low Ride raps 2/3rd of the song.

Johnny P asks a girl what she wants to do at the very beginning of the song. He lets her know she can kick it anytime she wants to. They can hang out all night. Johnny tells her his plans. He will pick her up in his ride and they will take a long ride to the lakeside.

Take It Like A Playa (Uptempo) features Do Or Die, Scarface and Low Ride. It’s a rap soul combo. Dirty South beats accompany the soulful sound although this Johnny P song is more upbeat and uptempo. Only true players (playas) can understand this song.

Shake It has beats which sound similar to Montell Jordan – This Is How We Do It. This song is perfect for the dance floor. The piano playing in the background is either sampling a Curtis Mayfield or an Isaac Hayes sample. Johnny P did the vocal arrangements himself.

Don’t Deserve It is a sultry love song where Johnny P sings about a love he thinks he does not deserve. Don’t Deserve It is a slow jam which featured AK of Do Or Die. Don’t Deserve It sounds very similar to a Jodeci song. Overall the song has a sad vibe.

Johnny P never had a woman treat him in a manner she has. That’s the main reason he wants to do right by her. He is aware of the things in his life that aren’t right. He does not want to leave the woman he is dating. Johnny feels so wrong every night when he holds her tight. She gave him a love which he feels he doesn’t deserve.

She is always there for him even if he feels he doesn’t deserve it. She has given him everything but he doesn’t deserve it.

This morning when he woke up, she served breakfast in his bed. A thought of another woman popped into his head during breakfast in bed. She’ll wash his clothes, cook his food, and ask for nothing in return. He should e true and confess his feelings to her.

It’s about 3 AM when AK walls through the front door. He’s hoping to get some rest. He’s not tripping off the friends she makes. Her friends are not quite like her. AK shows awareness of this in the lyrics. He prays his children will be just like her.

Love runs skin deep. She was there for him even if he didn’t doesn’t deserve it. She took him places he’s never been before. The woman he is dating never cheated on him. Johnny is full of shame.

Bed Time Story is an impressive slow jam sung by Johnny P. His vocal timbre will send chills down your spine. On this song, his voice is a cross between Michael Jackson and R. Kelly. Bed Time Story is perfect for a little bump n’ grind or foreplay.

Munchies For Ya uses such hard snare drums and deep bass groves. Munchies For Ya is one of those bump n’ grind songs. Johnny’s voice takes over the melody and rhythm with force! He takes control of the whole song by himself. You’ll wanna get freaky on Munchies For Ya.

Let Me Love You is a contagious love song which is another slow jam. Smooth player antics ensue. Johnny looks for love in this song.

Faithful is a song where Johnny shares the truth about his feelings. Johnny wants to remain faithful to his lover. He wants his lover to remain faithful to him as along as possible.

Johnny for all these silly little games his lover plays. He tries to talk to him but she does not want to hear what he has to day. He tries to take it slow. Johnny lets her know her love has got him feeling a certain way. Johnny lets her know she does not have treat him in a such an unacceptable manner. Johnny wants to remain faithful to his lover.

She does not understand all the things Johnny is going through. He is out there on the move trying to make a life for her and him to be together. He knows she has been going through changes. Johnny is still in love with her as he is faithful.

Change is where things get switched up in terms of music genres. The sound gets switched from R&B/soul to blues. Johnny battles with the concept of change. He wonders if the change is good or bad. He knows a change is going to come. I could picture Jhiame singing this.

Not 4 The Radio is a funky soul song with a G-Funk vibe. He takes it slow and tones it down on this song. His steelo shows on Not 4 The Radio. His smooth player antics ensue.

Song For You is a song dedicated for all the fans. He has sung a lot of songs. He’s acted and sung on a lot of stages. He even sung on a stage with 10,000 people. So he sings this song for you. Not many singers of today do not dedicate songs to their fans.

Take It Like A Playa (Ballad) is the solo version of Take It Like A Playa. It’s a slow jam. Only true players (playas) can understand this song.

Birthday Lady is a song dedicated for all the ladies. Birthday Lady is yet again another slow jam. The hidden track is where Johnny shows a woman what a real man is made of. He shows the true meaning of love.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!


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