Review: Johnny P – Bedtime Story

Bedtime Story by Johnny P is one of the rarer singles from Rap A Lot and Sing A Lot (Sing A Lot Records) which unfortunately did not receive much promotion. Not that many people knew the single existed except for a select few which can partly be blamed on by Rap A Lot.

Bed Time Story is an impressive slow jam sung by Johnny P. His vocal timbre will send chills down your spine. On this song, his voice is a cross between Michael Jackson and R. Kelly. Bed Time Story is perfect for a little bump n’ grind or foreplay.

Shake It has beats which sound similar to Montell Jordan – This Is How We Do It. This song is perfect for the dance floor. The piano playing in the background is either sampling a Curtis Mayfield or an Isaac Hayes sample. Johnny P did the vocal arrangements himself.

The song “I” only appeared on the cassette and vinyl of the Bedtime Story single. Talk about false advertising. The song “I” didn’t even appear on The Next album. Unfortunately this happens as record companies put songs on singles that aren’t included on the album as a promotion tactic when promoting the album before it gets released. Besides that, “I” was the bonus song for this single.

I rate this single 5/5*****!!

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