Review: Lil Rob – Natural High

Sureño rapper Lil Rob graces us with another firme album called Natural High from Low Profile Records, Familia Records, and Aries Music. This album was released around the 1999/2000 period. Lil Rob uses a mixture of oldies, soul, and funk on this album as both genres are prevalent in the Chicano rap community. Natural High is considered by Lil Rob fans and Chicano rap fans to be a classic oldies masterpiece. Natural High is considered to be another one of Lil Rob’s greatest albums along with Crazy Life, RIP, Can’t Keep A Good Man Down, Neighborhood Music, and High Till I Die. Natural High is something for the chicos and chicas to enjoy. Roberto Flores aka Lil Rob is known for his gangster voice in his sick flows and firme beats.

Lil Rob took all old school beats and added new tight hard lyrics to No Soy De Ti. No Soy De Ti is a fine example of Chicano rap as the whole track is spoken in the Spanish language. In fact, this track is somewhat the most overwhelming overlooked track off the Natural High album. No Soy De Ti is a firme track.

Natural High is an ode to marijuana which is why Natural High is appropriately titled. Lil Rob makes marijuana highly publicized on this track. His love for marijuana is what he raps about. His love for marijuana is what makes the track great. Life is wicked.

It’s throwback time down memory lane with I Remember. Lil Rob takes the listener on a trip down memory lane into memories of the past. The lyrics are tight and considered firme. His lyrics are what make this one tight. After all, Lil Rob is best known for his lyrics overall.

The ones who talk just don’t know that you can lose a good thing. If you are ungrateful and take everything for granted. You can loose everything just like that. The ones who talk just don’t know on the track Those Who Talk.

No One To Depend On tells us don’t trust nobody but yourself. You just can’t trust anyone. Trust yourself. It’s mostly about emotional self-reliance. Don’t let anyone put you down emotionally. Keep your head up.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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