Review: Lady Wray – Queen Alone

Nicole Wray returns again as Lady Wray for 2016 on Big Crown Records! Leon Michels lent a hand in producing some of the tracks. His signature style and sound in terms of production are heard throughout the album. The gritty rnb sound represents the sound of this album.

Nicole Wray does it again on Do It Again! She sings to her hearts content straight from her soul. The horns fanfare set an ultimatum for this single being one of the high points with her singing. It represents the breathtaking soul saving return of Lady. Anyone notice how the drum production is heavy? Classic old soul meets gritty rnb sound on Do It Again. One has to wonder if Do It Again has an emotional back-story. Do It Again is about a failed relationship that Nicole is willing to get back into. Complexities of love are difficult to understand not to mention staggering.

The guitar solo performed for In Love is beautiful! The acoustic rhythmic guitar used is simply beautiful. Classic soul meets the new neo soul sound on the song In Love. Her singing on this song sounds very similar in comparison to Ella Fitzgerald. Nicole’s in love so don’t mess it up. Love is not a good thing to ruin. Complexities of love are difficult for many to understand.In Love seems very similar to a Bill Withers song.

Smiling is an instant feel good anthem serving as a reminder to keep our heads up and to keep a smile on our faces in order to deal with whatever life has planned for us described by Big Crown Records and Nicole Wray. Leon Michels & Thomas Brenneck contribute in terms of production. Bubblegum pop meets gritty classic soul.

Make Me Over is a down and out tune. A lusty tale. Nicole finds herself asking for a little help so she can get a break from being strapped for cash promising to take care of her man as soon as her check comes in. She lets her guard down during the duration of the song. Her expensive taste leads to empty pockets. Make Me Over is a gritty soul song.

Underneath My Feet is a happy love song about how Nicole Wray let her guard down when she let a man sweep Nicole underneath her feet by his love. It’s another gritty soul song.

Guilty is a Nicole Wray solo based off of her own life experiences. She wrote Guilty about her brother being incarcerated which is also what this song is based on. Nicole missed her brother during his sentence of incarceration. She wrote this song herself. A bluesy chorus represents the vocals of Guilty.

Let It Go was a great way to end this album. Let It Go deals with how to let go of the internal drama in your life. It’s better to let the drama go. We all need to let go and move on in life.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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