Review: Various Artists – Hot Boyz Soundtrack

The Hot Boyz soundtrack was supposed to be released in 1999 when the Hot Boyz movie was in theaters. The soundtrack was supposed to follow the movie. However that did not happen due to marketing conflicts, trademark infringement issues, business decisions, a conflict of interest, and label politics. That is why the album was never released.

Master P did not want to create any conflict with Cash Money Records since the Hot Boys were signed to their label. Plus Cash Money Records was getting more popular than No Limit Records was at the end of the 20th century. Bryan “Birdman” Williams owned the “Hot Boys” name. Master P was clearly ripping off the Hot Boys.

But since Master P had titled the name of his movie Hot Boyz, Bryan “Birdman” Williams could not sue him or claim that there was any trademark infringement made. However Master P being business savvy knew what the consequences would have been had he decided to release the album. There would have been a conflict of interest a conflict of interest and trademark infringement issues among other label politics.

Now every song on this rap soundtrack album was fire and worth listening to. Especially the song with O’Dell and Porsha. Almost no song is worth skipping. Snoop Dogg, Mystikal, and Master P were all over the soundtrack.

Now some of you may remember the song Nothing Stays The Same with Porsha and O’Dell which played at the end of the Hot Boyz movie when Kool was reminiscing about the memories of his girlfriend Lashawna whom he had lost.

Nothing Stays The Same was featured on the platinum 1999 soundtrack “Foolish” and the 1999 soundtrack Hot Boyz. Nothing Stays The Same was one of the most played music videos of 1999 on BET and was advertised in the Billboard Magazine. This song was one of No Limit’s greatest R&B/soul hits.

The soulful song Nothing Stays The Same features production and sultry vocals from Porsha and O’Dell. Both of them had energy in their vocals. You know the saying, “Nothing stays the same on a lonely road.” Nothing Stays The Same is a powerful song with a strong message. The song serves as a beautiful understanding about love.

It’s foolish to hide the pain because nothing can shield from the rain. We all know nothing stays the same. So stop holding it in. Don’t play no games.

Everytime O’Dell closes his eyes, he starts fantasizing about Porsha and him being all alone. All of their hesitation gone. O’Dell loses control more each day. These feelings just won’t go away. He’ll give Porsha what she needs. Love, touches, and ecstasy. He can’t go another day like this because it’s foolish.

Everytime O’Dell closes his eyes, he starts fantasizing about Porsha and him being all alone as evidenced during Verse 1.

[Verse 1: O’Dell]
Everytime I close my eyes
I just start to fantasize about you and me all alone
All our hesitation gone
Let’s stop the foolish games we play, we play
I lose control more each day, each day
These feelings just won’t go away
I’m screaming just to make you stay
All give you what you need
Love and touches, ecstasy
I can’t go another day like this
Cause it’s foolish, foolish

Both O’Dell and Porsha realize it’s foolish to hide the pain. They know nothing stays the same. Their pain cannot be hidden.

Porsha wonders why she should hold her feelings inside. It’s hard for her to realize that. She has to stop wasting time if she wants to make O’Dell all hers indefinitely to a new level of fidelity. It’s hard to look him in the eyes. Porsha cannot hide her feelings. She had felt a sense of chemistry when they first met.

Porsha sung the most poetic lyrics in her verse which went as follows:

When we first met I felt a chemistry
Like it could be more between you and me
It’s hard to look you in the eyes
Cause my feelings I cannot hide

Every soldier got a story to tell. Kind of similar like how every person has their story to tell. Every soldier carries and burdens their own wounds when in battle or war. That is the message of the song War Wounds.

Mystikal and Master P went off on War Wounds. Silkk’s offbeat flow and style is what helped make the song memorable. Silkk brought out difference to traditional Southern rap by staying with his own flow.

Fiend has been through it all. Fiend gone get the scene hot. Greens and rocks. Burnin’ flesh. Have you ever smelled burning flesh? He is livin’ the dirty, dirty. That dirty life. The fact is you don’t choose your wars. Or be like Fiend and do it with two guns. Check his war wounds. Every soldier got a story to tell.

Master P’s adversaries get popped and that has what’s got him running from police. The ghetto is like Vietnam. That is why Master P carries two Glocks. His enemies are bad. He’s got fools from the ghetto like his cousin Jimmy who wears permanent metals.

[Master P]
My adversaries get popped
Got me runnin’ from cops
The ghetto’s like Vietnam
Got me carryin’ two Glocks
My enemies is bad
Chop limes of grass
Drive-bys and rags
And representin’ red and blue flags
See I got fools from the ghetto
Like my cousin’ Jimmy wear permanent metals
My evidence is status with hoes
Bloody Polos
Pullin’ in car do’s
And cut up Girbauds

Silkk the Shocker is down to blast for his homies and cash for his homies. Even if he is old he’ll be down to ride and die. If the hood calls him. That’s why he is hustling every day. Could you imagine him with no stash? Like a bank with no cash. Silkk the Shocker is a Richmond rider and a Caliope crawler. A Down South Hustla. Plus a head buster from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Silkk the Shocker gotta be a paid nigga. A made nigga. Silkk the Shocker is the nigga to bust yo’ shit. And the nigga to be the grave digger.

The tattoos reveal some of the war wounds that are embedded in him from war and battle. Silkk the Shocker reveals and made references to his war wounds in these lyrics.:

See my tattoos reveal some of the shit I done did
But the move of other niggas that bout it
Feel the shit I do just to live
See I been stabbed, popped at, and shot at
But I live an eye for eye
So the enemies I ain’t forgot that

Mystikal is the Saudi Arabian death killing veteran of the platoon. Either him or you right here. Mystikal is trained to kill. He’s got blood on his fatigues. Once you’re in there ain’t no turning back. Lay your ass over seas. Might as well handle your business. There’s no overcome to this shit. Be on yo’ Ps and Qs, nigga. Don’t cry like no bitch.

It’s real, shit’s real check my war wounds
This here real life, ain’t no fuckin’ cartoons
I’m the Saudi Arabian death killin’ veteran of the platoon
Either me or you right here
Come back and hang out in my room
I done shot my rifle, trained to kill
Got blood on my fatiques
Once you in ain’t no turnin’ back
Lay yo’ ass over seas
Might as well handle your business
There’s no overcome to this shit
Be on yo’ Ps and Qs nigga
Don’t cry like no bitch

You might remember the song Runnin’ from the police in the opening scene where Silkk was in the red Corvette evading police leading to a high speed chase. The beginning part of hot boyz is one of the best movie openers ever. Runnin’ from the police featured C-Murder and Mystikal.

Police got a warrant out on C-Murder. Police want him dead or alive. Catch the news at 5 PM. He can’t sleep unless he makes it across the border to Cancun, Mexico. On the beach with a freak looking at the moon and the stars. Police cars got a nigga spooked. Every time he sees the boys in blue, he wanna run, get the gun, and start bustin’ for fun. Hide in trees never waiting on the outcome. Will C-Murder ever see the penitentiary or will they ever capture him? He doesn’t know. He is just running from the police.

Task Force Squad is on his on trail. It’s hard try to hide in the ride when he makes it to the north side. Dirty gat in the Lac with the broken tail lights. His rap sheet is kind of long. His life of crime all started when he listened to a rap song. He’s gotta creep cause them motherfuckers are after his ass.

For Money was the song played during the scene where they was all chillin in the car listening to Kool’s new music he recorded. Lashawna walks up and says, “Your rap’s the bomb.” Some of you No Limit fans may remember that For Money was used on the Foolish soundtrack also.

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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