Review: Yardley Griffin Jr. – Hear Me Now

Hear Me Now has hit #9 on the Billboard’s Gospel chart. It is Black Market’s most spiritual uplifting album to date. The album Hear Me Now features everything from I Love You to Powerful, Mighty God to Everything, and many more. Yardley Griffin Jr. showcases his true pure vocal talent through prayer and hymn as he is currently the worship leader at Destiny Church, in Sacramento, California. Ced Singleton has done a superb job promoting this album! The album Hear Me Now was released on Black Market Records from Sacramento, California in 2015.

Hear Me Now deals with the emotional difficulties and grief of Yardley Griffin. Griffin had lost his youngest brother in 2010. This song was written from a heartfelt experience. Griffin had difficulties talking with God through prayer. The grief is still very real.

Flawed is the hit single off the Hear Me Now album charting as a BillBoard Top 10 release! Flawed comes with no flaws at all. Powerful is a powerful emotional uplifting song with spiritual uplifting vibes. Powerful is a spiritual uplifting religious song.

Music industry heavyweight/reputed songwriter Derek “DOA” Allen lends a hand in songwriting and production on the hymn The Storm Is Over. The Storm Is Over a nine minute long religious track. The reprise for The Storm Is Over blends in perfectly with the timing.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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