Review: Grits – Mental Releases

Grits – Mental Releases is an overlooked Nashville hip hop album that never got the shine or recognition truly deserved. The album has secular sounds. The whole album has originality, tight lyrics, and beats that age well. Both brothas be kickin’ mo rhymes on this album than ever. Perfect Christian hip hop coming out of the Christian music world. 90s hip hop is perfection. I miss this era of hip hop.

Set Ya Mind uses the old style of rap over a groovy sample. Set ya mind at ease from the pressure by listening to this song. That is what Grits wants you to do. Relax & unwind to this rhythm and melody today. Just that simple.

Grits pays homage and tribute to their home state of Tennessee on the song 10-A-Cee. 10-A-Cee is the best of what Tennessee hip hop has to offer. Originality is what stands out on 10-A-Cee. This is the tight slow jam of the album. There’s no place like home. Here is the part of the song where Christian hip hop is prevalent. “Education is the key/That’s what God spoke to me” God is often mentioned in Christian hip hop.

Cataclysmic Circles is a hypnotic rap song where both brothas rap. Notice the hypnotic hook on this song. The percussion is hypnotic too.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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