Review: Various ‎– Shades Of House Deep & Jazzy

The Various ‎– Shades Of House Deep & Jazzy compilation album is considered to be a musical chill pill as this album is laced with cool sounds and tonic tones. Deep house meets jazz and dance which is fairly advanced for an album that was released in 1995. This album brought forth a new generation of sound to the New Breed label along with all the other compilations. DJ Smash compiled these songs for this compilation.

New Jazz Swing is where upbeat swing jazz meet the sounds of futuristic electronic deep house music. The piano gives the song that smooth swing jazz sound. On top of that, New Jazz Swing has that 90s electronic sound. DJ Smash is a virtuoso of jazz music.

2Much uses a mixture of deep house, garage house, and dance on their song Passion Play. The deep house sounds are prevalent on this song.

You can feel the groove that is inside of the electronic saxophone when you listen to the Thomas Colon song Keep On Pushin’. The song uses an Afrocentric percussion selection over a firm soundscape of garage house. Keep On Pushin’ is perfect for the dance floor or lounge. The song Keep On Pushin’ is a fine example of garage house. Notice how the beats are thick and plush. Thickness and density of the beats are perfect.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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