September 24, 2023

The Bedroom Boys ‎– Work is a perfect example of deep garage house. This single uses a mixture of deep house and garage house. The sounds of house music can’t get any finer than this. Now this entire single has that early 90s electronic sound with the thick bangin’ beats and repetitive vocal samples. Who knew the jazz hop label New Breed Records could produce such quality electronic deep house music?

The original vinyl single.

Work uses a mixture of deep house and garage house as the song is laced with thick bangin’ beats, medium bass, and repetitive vocal samples. Medium bass is what makes this song groovy. The song is perfect for a good workout too. This song is also perfect for the dance floor or lounge. Work uses a vocal sample and bass loop from Cymande – Bra. Work is The Bedroom Boys spin of Kerri Chandler – The Old Office. Work samples Cymande – Bra and Kerri Chandler – The Old Office.

Bop House is another great example of deep house and garage house mixed together. The Bedroom Boys pay tribute and homage to house music on this track.

Where Is The Underground? is known for using a lot of jacking and techno beats with the borrows riffs & melodies. Where Is The Underground? samples the chord stab from Inner City – Good Life. This is quality deep house music right here.

I rate this single 4/5****.

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