Review: Mr. Scruff – Keep It Unreal

Mr. Scruff – Keep It Unreal is a mixture of electro swing, spoken word, folk music, and soul. The album has sea shanties such as Shanty Town and Fish. Those sea shanties give the album a folk music vibe as well as a bit of spoken word.

Shanty Town one of the 2 sea shanties that are on this album. The song has a drum kit used over the spoken word portion. The English accents make the song sound very settling.

The whale song can be heard all around. But where’s it coming from? I see you’ve come aboard then!

A fisherman who’s a captain of a ship welcomes Mr. Scruff for coming aboard on his ship to go fishing. The captain says to Mr. Scruff, “Oh well my lad, you’ve come aboard then! You look as if you wanted a breath of sea air!” Mr. Scruff tells the captain, “I want a fish.” The captain tells him, “Well, you’ve got a lovely day for it!”

One of the captain’s crew members notifies the captain of a humpback whale that was spotted 300 metres (300 meters) from the port bow. He can just see the whale coming out of the mist. They heard a gurgling sound and the head of the whale rose above the surface of the water. “There’s a whale. There’s a whale fish.” The captain cried. The whale was in full view. There’s the whale fish’s bow. The huge whale fish emerged from the water. The whale looked dreadful. It was covered in mud and green weed.

However this was not a whale or a fish. One of the captain’s crew members tells the captain, “You call that a whale?” The captain asks the fish, “Ah! What sorta fish are you?!” The fish tells the captain, “I’m not a real fish at all, you stupid man.” The captain asks him, “What are you if you’re not a fish? You certainly look like a fish.” The fish says, “Well I certainly don’t feel like a fish”.

Just then captain fell into the sea. Man overboard! His crew had to do something fast because the captain can’t swim! Luckily the lifeboat had come to the rescue because the captain’s ship had been shipwrecked. After being shipwrecked no doubt he’ll be ready for lunch! When the fisherman got his breath back, the crew had a lovely picnic supper of fish and chips. It was the best fish supper they’d ever tasted. It was delicious. And the whale was in full view. At the end of the song, the captain thanks the fish for making friends with him.

Whales are great creatures of the sea! Whales represent the ocean no doubt.

Fish is a sea shanties which uses a mixture of jazz and electro swing. The song follows slow upright bass at a fast jazz pace. Notice how the beats and bass are slow.

Once again Mr. Scruff shall go and get the fishmonger to prepare the fish. Mr. Scruff expects you’d like to know about frogmen? Frogmen live on fish and catch them by diving onto them from a great height gliding down through the dark green water. Frogmen can breathe under water because they have amphibious nostrils. On the way down frogmen passed hundreds of trout of different sizes. Trout are freshwater fish and have under water weapons. Trout are very valuable and immensely powerful. Keep away from the trout.

Why should it be that the fish in the sea are all unable to sing? Just listen to Mr. Scruff. What need is there for fish to sing when Mr. Scruff can roar and bellow? Mr. Scruff wishes he could get his hands on a dozen fish.

Honeydew uses a mixture of soul and funk on top of spoken word. Honeydew is a song about women’s rights. Women’s rights is a topic about peace for women as well.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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