Review: Z-Ro – Let The Truth Be Told

This album isn’t emotional and heavy as his 2004 album was. However Z-Ro manages somehow to go deep on the songs of this album. Z-Ro has a real good singing voice for the hooks. I can agree to a point that The production value is a lot better but for the more part is the same and his 2004 album. The mood of this album was mellow by Rap-A-Lot standards.

And by fan standards if I might add at that. Z-Ro has the tightest rhymes out of H-Town next to Lil Flip. I enjoy his smooth delivery. His flow makes the album favorable and easy to listen to. The artwork is extremely superb! The highlights for the artwork really stand out. Real then you recognize real. Ya’ll stop buying rap that is garbage and pick up a real album.

Mo City Don is the best freestyle track that Rap-A-Lot has put together so far. Z-Ro flows off good on here. Respect My Mind is a slow trance dance type of track. Juvenile brings a slow clever, heavy solid hook on The Mule. Platinum is a professionally produced track. Platinum is about the game. I can’t even put words into 1 Night.

I rate this album 5/5****!!

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