Review: Sonny Fortune – In Waves Of Dreams

Sonny Fortune – In Waves Of Dreams is an album which uses a mixture of soul and jazz music. The solos on this album are worthwhile to listen to. Sonny Fortune is a virtuoso on the flute. He plays the flute on two of the five songs off of this album. You can feel warmth and power as you listen to the jazz music from this album. In all honesty, this album is one of the most underrated and overlooked jazz albums.

In the sheet music for In Waves Of Dreams, a handful of beamed eighth notes and sixteenth notes were used. Not too many single notes were used as most notes were grouped on a tenuto. An eighth rest is used on the 5th time signature. This denotes a period of silence. A whole note/semibreve (º) is used at the beginning of 6th time signature which is located next to a whole rest. No sharp signs (#) were used though as the pitch was perfect. The soprano sax uses a bass clef.

Sonny used many instruments in layers on the song Revelation. However the song sounds dated for a song that was recorded in the mid-70s.

Thoughts uses a mellow tuned double bass viola to accommodate the jazz sound. The tempo is not too upbeat but is mid tempo instead. Angel Allende puts down some nice work on the congas. Thoughts uses a 7|4 time signature. Not many songs use the tricky 7|4 time signature.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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