Review: Kool Daddy Fresh – Plottin

Kool Daddy Fresh – Plottin is a very overlooked album from Nashville rap which dropped in the 90s. Kool Daddy Fresh is on point with this album. Everything from sex rap to gangsta rap is what you can expect to hear on this album.

I wish I had a Key expresses Kool Daddy Fresh’s desires to live lavishly. Living on the wrong side of the law comes with the territory of living lavishly. He ain’t down with being broke. True words from an underrated rapper coming from the South. The only downsides of this song are his vocals being overlapped by the instrumentation and the low volume. I wish I had a Key samples Art of Noise – Moments in Love.

Fresh Jawbreaker is a jovial song about candy in a hip hop/rap fashion. Notice the ultra-thick heavy bass, sines, and SP1200 beats. The hip hop candy shop is where you will find Kool Daddy Fresh and Pistol. The hip hop candy is selling a special on jawbreakers. 10 jawbreakers for $1 dollar is the special. All shapes, sizes, and colors. Jawbreakers taste sweet when insert them into your mouth. The hip hop candy shop is posted up on the block.

Petty Hoes is a song aimed to them triflin’ ass hoes out there. The song is laced with a funky piano backing. What makes a nigga want to break up with a hoe? Many things.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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