Lil Eddie plans to release new album in 2023.

A US singer living in Japan named Lil Eddie plans to release his sixth album sometime in 2023. The album has yet to be titled. His focus is aimed on releasing singles right now since we live in a time period where singles are prevalent and top-selling. Lil Eddie is mixing genres for his upcoming album such as Spanglish, R&B, pop, reggaeton and even some Bachata. You can expect to hear some heartfelt songs on this album.

TOMA was the first single off his untitled album in 2018. TOMA is a fun Spanglish uptempo reggaeton influenced song which gets people moving. Coincidentally enough, Lil Eddie has not performed or sung a song in Spanish on any of his albums yet.

Lil Eddie released the second single off his untitled album called Island in 2018. Island is a story that describes the stage of vulnerability.When you realize you want your love back. You can’t do it alone. No one is on an island alone. The song is perfect for summer and celebrates the community mindset of working together.

The third single off Lil Eddie’s untitled album called Still was released in 2020. Still has a powerful message which Lil Eddie brings with his stellar beautiful vocals. Lil Eddie’s music gives you that classical feel from era of Beethoven. This is conservatory of music level of goodness and brehsiveness. Still uses a powerful stripped-down piano combination. Lil Eddie says, “In such a historic and devastating time, I wanted to remind people that in a time of stillness we must remember what matters most. People! We all need each other and together we can overcome anything!”

His vocal range has clearly improved since his last album, Emotional, was released in 2010. Since then, Lil Eddie says he has been improving his voice. Well that makes sense as he is a vocal coach for the TV show The X Factor currently. Lil Eddie also has a songwriter deal with EMI Publishing as he is a songwriter. Lil Eddie is now a Japan Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter! Edwin “Lil Eddie” Serrano is a singer/songwriter from the streets of Spanish Harlem in Brooklyn, New York.

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