Review: Lady Wray ‎– Underneath My Feet / Guilty

Review: Lady Wray ‎– Underneath My Feet / Guilty

Lady Wray ‎– Underneath My Feet / Guilty is a hot single coming from the underground independent soul music circuit. It was released as a “7 vinyl and as a digital download by Big Crown Records in 2016. The gritty rnb sound represents the sound of this single.

Underneath My Feet is a happy love song about how Nicole Wray let her guard down when she let a man sweep Nicole underneath her feet by his love. Underneath My Feet show cases the sassy side of Nicole Wray. It’s another gritty soul song. Bubblegum pop meets gritty classic soul.

Guilty is a song Nicole Wray wrote herself back in 2014. She wrote Guilty about her brother being incarcerated. Nicole missed her brother during his sentence of incarceration. That is what this song is based on. Guilty is also based off of her own life experiences. A bluesy chorus represents the vocals of Guilty. The sound is very reminiscent of 60s soul. Add that with a trio of guitars and a chorus.

I rate this single 5/5*****!!


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