Review: Frank Piombo – Family Concept

Family Concept was Frank Piombo’s newest jazz album for 2020. This album was inspired by Frank’s great family encompassing three generations. In fact this whole album is dedicated to his family. This album is perfect for jazz music lovers. Jazz, which includes When you listen to his album, you will hear smooth jazz with a contemporary sound with a melody of funk.

Luv Dat Smooth Latte (Nicos Theme) is a smooth jazz instrumental backed by multiple layers of instrumentation which includes a pair of bongos, a kick drum, saxophone, guitar, and a jazz piano. Nicos Theme serves as the opening for the Family Concept album and follows a jazz melody.

Green Lights and Rainbows is a smooth but funky jazz song where jazz and funk meet each other. Green Lights and Rainbows is smooth jazz with a contemporary sound on top of a melody of funk. The song reminds us that when we are down and out that we need to keep looking forward. Just don’t give up in life. Rainbows can be your guiding light. Frank’s slick guitar has a groovy funky sound. Green Lights And Rainbows is dedicated to the memory of Tony Monfiletto. Tom Jacobson plays keys.

Song For My Children is dedicated to Frank’s children. The song is an instrumental which uses a live sound and multiple layers of instruments. Dom DiGioia only plays keys and strings for the song.

After Hours is a smooth acid jazz backed by a loud thunderous kick drum and Frank’s guitar. The song has a relaxed mood and vibe as Michael Mahadeen plays the melodic flute.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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