Review: Pistol – Hittin’ Like A Bullet

For those who don’t know, Pistol (real name Leroy Gordon) was the first rapper from Nashville (¢a$hville) to receive nationwide recognition along with Boogie, Kool Daddy Fresh, and La Chat. Pistol’s first album was in 1994 and Eazy-E signed him to Ruthless Records, but shortly after this Eazy died, he left that label with Street Flavor Records (Known for Boogie, Kool Daddy Fresh, and Haystak fame) and his own labels called Toppa Da Line and Platinum Plus Music. He is the first rapper from Nashville to make an impact on the music industry. Pistol would have become famous if Eazy wouldn’t have died. Luckily he is well know in the underground rap scene because Pistol sells about 100,000 records every time he puts out an album. He has 13 albums out. Pistol is the biggest selling Rap artist in Nashville. Before there was Young Buck, there was Pistol.
Anyway, on with the album… This album is one of those Hip Hop/Rap albums that was overlooked and failed to chart because of label politics. This album is one of Ruthless Records best overlooked releases aside from H.W.A. – As Much Ass Azz U Want, Steffon – Trippin’ With No Luggage, MC Ren – Shock Of The Hour, Bloods of Abraham, JJ Fad – Not Just a Fad, and Kid Frost – “Smile Now, Die Later,”. This album is a must have!
This is one of the tightest HH/R albums on the planet! The standout tracks are Rollin’ In My 64, Who’s In Charge, Late Night Jacking, Just Another Day, and Hard To Say. The album is sample crazy and it has that mid 90’s g-funk to it. The album has smooth G-Funk beats and lyrics. With no promotion, major label support, or success, Pistol had slowly made a name for himself, which would help him garner his reputation in music business. He has received numerous awards as a respected underground emcee. Pistol’s tracks slowly made a name for himself.
I rate this album 5/5*****!

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