Review: Ectomorph ‎– Stark

Ectomorph ‎– Stark is a great minimalistic record which uses a dark electro sound. A handful of electronic music fans call Ectomorph ‎– Stark one of the best Ectomorph releases. Ectomorph with dark electronic sounds here on this EP. Two examples are the songs Silver and Time Fold. Now Ectomorph usually into that retro electro sound. He stepped outside his box on this release.

Silver uses a dark bass line and infectious handclaps over sci-fi rays as the song uses a minimalistic style of electronic music. Silver will remind you of Drexciya, deadmau5, Lil Mark, Zoo Brazil, or Underground Resistance.

Ectomorph experiments with using thick darkened bass lines that ware warps and perfect to dance to on the song Time Fold. Ectomorph’s Time Fold will remind you of old school techno. This song is similar to his songs Handclap and Malfunction. This is a dark electro sound.

Malfunction uses old school retro electro sounds with the synths and chords along with sound effects. This song sounds similar to an Underground Resistance song or a song by Drexciya.

I rate this EP 4/5****!

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