Review: Michel’le – Michel’le

Michel’le – Michel’le was an international breakout hit and mega success for singer Michel’le Toussaint in 1989. The reason her debut album was a mega success was due to her Minnie Mouse-like squeaky voice and Mary J. Blige-esue singing vocals. The contemporary sound of New Jack Swing met sultry soul and upbeat pop on her debut album. Her Minnie Mouse-like squeaky voice can be heard on songs such as 100% Woman, No More Lies, and Nicety. Ruthless Records was a powerhouse with talent in the late 80s and Michel’le was an example of that.

Nicety is an uptempo song with that late 80s New Jack Swing style and sultry soul. The percussion was super heavy since Dr. Dre did most of the production.

The song is about how Michel’le is not like every other girl. She tells men to not get their hopes too high and don’t be like other guys assuming that every girl is just like that type. The way she appears to you may not be true to you. Michel’le is not like your girl. She wants to be treated right. Michel’le says men will try anything just to take women home. She gets snide, sardonic, and sarcastic on various parts of the song. Michel’le flipped the script on Dr. Dre here.

The hook clearly explains what type of girl Michel’le is which sums it all up.

Some people think I’m nice
Some people think I’m nasty
But if you really want to know
Just ask me…
And I’ll say I’m nicety
Hooooo-hoooo-hoooo say I’m nicety

Jazz meets R&B/soul on Something in My Heart. Her beautiful R&B voice prospers through out the song. Percussion, a saxophone, and woodwinds are make this song of her stand out. This song has slightly different sound as it is not an uptempo song but rather a slow jam that has a slow tempo.

The song was basically about the feelings she had towards Dr. Dre. Michel’le was truly in love with Dre. She had no limit to the love for him. Her love for him during that time was unconditional. Dr. Dre knew that he had all of her love. That feeling is reserved for him of course.

No More Lies is a song aimed at men who are abusive and unfaithful to their lovers. However this song is aimed more at unfaithful men then it is abusive men it seems. Men exaggerate, lie, and are unfaithful at times. Michel’le states there’s a little exaggeration in almost every man. She gets snide, sardonic, and sarcastic on various parts of the song.

The song No More Lies has a bit of that old school late 80s New Jack Swing sound with a slight touch of hard rock. R&B/soul meets rock music on this song. Her unique Minnie Mouse voice can be heard on this song. Her then-boyfriend Dr. Dre produced No More Lies in 1989. That is why you can hear his vocals all over the song. He produced the beats and not the other instruments.

Michel’le lets men know that she is “100% percent woman” and not the type of girl you want gone on the song 100% Woman. 100% Woman has that upbeat funky New Jack Swing style and vibe due to the upbeat tempo. Now this song had that dance sound due to the upbeat tempo. Ruthless dropped the ball by not promoting 100% Woman properly as a single because the song was just as good as Nicety and No More Lies.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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