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What happened to the 911 movie? A look at a No Limit Films movie that never was.

Not many people know or aware that a No Limit Films movie called 911 was planned to be filmed. Only hardcore longtime No Limit fans know about this movie. Some of you No Limit fans may remember the 911 movie being advertised in Master P’s Game Face album back in 2001. That is where 911 was first advertised.

911 was a going to be a horror movie which revolved around the narrative of a serial killer. Master P was to play the role of a character who was a serial killer. This serial killer murdered people for no reason whatsoever. Master P was to be the star of the movie since he wrote the script, directed, and had executive-produced the movie.

The 911 movie was originally going to be released in 1999 but Master P changed the release date to 2001 due to him focusing on directing other movies for No Limit Films and releasing albums on No Limit Records. The 911 movie was going to be released in the winter of 2001. However that never happened and the 911 movie remains unreleased to this day. 911 was a No Limit Films movie that never was.

Here is what happened to the 911 movie.

On December 9, 1999, Master P’s No Limit Films production company signed a multi-movie deal with Trimark Pictures. The deal stipulated that Trimark would fund a minimum of 5 No Limit movies. Trimark was to help to market and distribute these No Limit Films movies. 911 was the movie under the new agreement with Trimark. The movie was to feature starring Master P. Master P was to have executive-produced the movie.

The possible reason as to why his movie was never released was ambiguousness. There were other movies with the title and name “911” to them before Master P ever though about writing the script for the 911 movie. It would be very confusing if he released a movie with a name that has already been used several times.

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