Review: Smokey Joe & The Kid – Nasty Tricks

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Smokey Joe & the Kid! The Smokey Joe & The Kid – Nasty Tricks album is electro swing with hip hop flavor and techno soundscapes. The duo stay true to the jazz roots on songs such as Trippin’, Zazou, Marcluche, and Prohibition.

Trippin’ is an original song with production and vocals from Big Brown and the Puppetmastaz. This is the original gangster Big Brown representing the Puppetmastaz thing collaboration with Smokey Joe and the Kid.

About 20 years ago way down in New Orleans. A group of fellers found a new kind of music and they decided to call it… jazz! No other sound has what this music has. Before they knew it, jazz was whizzing around the world. The world was ready for a new blue kind of music.

These lyrics explain where the origins of jazz originated from.

‘Bout twenty years ago way down in New Orleans, (that’s right)
A group of fellers found a new kind of music (mm mm…)
An’ they decided to call it… jazz! (ha ha ha)
No other sound has what this music has (yeah…)

Everything seems so cool when Smokey Joe stepped in the scene out West. But everyone is walking when an asshole is for breakfast. So Smokey Joe has gotta call him in this place sweet jackass. This is the cream of the crap. That’s right. Watch your steps because showtime’s over.

The Kid is aware of his mental instincts. His thoughts are so clear. So he can go to sleep with a clear conscience. He forgot that feeling that got him aggravated and loaded with stress.

Smokey Joe & The Kid sing about how Prohibition frustrating is and was on their song Prohibition. Prohibition was written about illegally drinking alcohol during the Prohibition era. Alcoholic beverages were illegal during the 1920s since that was the Prohibition era. Prohibition was the prevention manufacturing and sale of alcohol by law, especially in the United States between 1920 and 1933.

There may be famine and war. We can go back to the Stone Age. We can take the nuclear bomb. I’m ready to suffer all the misery. But the only thing that pisses me off is Prohibition. The only thing that pisses “some people” off is Prohibition. Follow Smokey Joe’s motto that accompanies him on Earth. “Life is so much better after two drinks”

The song gets sexually explicit with these lyrics: “As long as I end up in the breasts of a fat woman/The Arctic can melt with its Huskies/“I dab it as long as there’s ice in my Whiskey”

Smokey Joe & The Kid pay homage, tribute, and respect to fellow pioneer electro group Caravan Palace with these lyrics. “I’m going to make you “Pouêt-Pouêt”/And to put you on electro without a clash/I would puke in the Caravan Palace/We’ll see who the kings of frills are/When in your freezer I’m going to come to do “Glug-glug”/We’ll see who the Fox-Trot Kings are/When I come without panties return your trailer!”

They also get in touch with their religious side and spiritual side with these lyrics. Notice how the lyrics make reference to the Islamic religion and religion of Christianity.

God is Muslim
I convert tomorrow
If he lets me do the American Ramadan
And if he is a Christian
I would go say the Offices
Kneel on the Cross
To siphon the blood of Christ

Smokey Joe & The Kid come clever and witty with their virtuoso rhymes with these lyrics: “As long as I end up in the breasts of a fat woman/The Arctic can melt with its Huskies/I dab it as long as there’s ice in my Whiskey”

You want worms under glasses
And see behind the scenes
be upside down
Still square

Smokey Joe & The Kid give us the glorious opportunity for them to show their love, fixation, and appreciation for swing music on the song called Zazou. That Zazou Zaz came to town when Smokey Joe came into town. The song is blessed with modern electronically produced beats.

One thing that makes this song very disturbing, eyebrow raising, and interesting is the disclaimer by the BBC which is: The BBC would like to announce that the next scene is not consider suitable for family viewing. It contains scenes of violence involving peoples heads and arms getting chopped off. Their ears nailed to trees and their toenails pulled out in slow motion. There are also scenes of naked women with floppy breasts.

Smokey Joe & The Kid had to come back with another bang and express their love for swing music. They recognize talent.

The revolution will not be televised. Throw a party right beside your soul. It’s practically guaranteed when Smokey Joe has the microphone. Smokey Joe reckons getting drunk is defiantly not a bad thing. He is about to hit the bar inside the club and you brought cash too. So buy a drink and grab a girl until she’s staring at you. Then let her know your about to show her how to do the Zazou. And I think we all know what that’s like.

So now you’re thinking what’s a Zazou? Here is what a Zazou is. It’s a man and a woman and the moment that describes you. At first you feel aside like that awful kind of bashful. You can’t control this urge but just feels like your body has to close contact tied by the waist. Two bodies, one motion. No one can do the Zazou quite like the Sage.

Bare happy people with smiles on their face. Theres a girl in there that Smokey Joe likes. He has got his eyes on her waist. They bust a groove until they see the light of the day.

Everything is dandy. Fuck it. Buy the girl another round. If you think she’s banging, just make sure you don’t wake up regretting that you’re slammed it. But that’s then. This is about living in the moment now. Living in the now.

Girls are swinging their sexy hips. Guys are swinging their shoulders. We could party on for days. Never thinking it’s over. We’ll see the sun move again and drink until we’re sober. Our intel says it’s over. We’ll believe it when it’s told. At least until the speakers overload.

No one knows how to do the Zazou.
You just feel it in your bones.
It gets your blood boiling.
Even in the freezing cold.
It’s the best feeling in the planet people know.
That why it’s been an honour.

These lyrics to the song are about living in the moment.

Everything is dandy
Fuck it buy the girl another
If you think she’s banging
Just make sure you don’t wake up
Regretting that you’re slammed it
But that’s then
This is now living the moment
Girls swinging their sexy hips
Guys swinging their shoulders
We could party on for days
Never thinking it’s over
We’ll see the sun move again
And drink till we’re sober
Our intel says it’s over
We’ll believe it when it’s told
No one knows how to do the Zazou
You just feel it in your bones
It gets your blood boiling
Even in the freezing cold
It’s the best feeling
In the planet people know
That why it’s been an honour
Standing here to hold my own
Been blessed with the beats
Until the speakers overload

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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