Review: Hustletron ‎– Stereo Viewer single

Hustletron ‎– Stereo Viewer uses a collection of drenched jazz samples and electronic soundscapes with moog synthesizers and beat machines fairly advanced for 1996. Half the album is jazz while the other portion uses a bit of funk. Hustletron (Hal Lee) helped bring a new generation of sound to the New Breed label in 1996 with DJ Smash and Groovilicious.

Psychomatic uses a unique sound as the uses acid jazz, future jazz, and psychedelic funk. A moog synthesizer is used to make the song funky. You will think of 70s funk and 70s jazz when you listen this song. Most of the bass is played in B major flat. Psychomatic was featured on the From Fat Jazzy Grooves Vol. 10 compilation.

Notice how a bit of dinner ambiance is used in the background. There is chatter going on as well. The chatter blends in perfectly with the dinner ambiance. Timestamps for those horn drops are at 1:40 and 2:43. Those horn drops are what make the song jazzy. Those horn drops are played in an ensemble fashion as quadruple layers of horns are used.

Moog Indigo uses a funky electronic soundscape over jazzy sounds. Hustletron uses a moog synthesizer to make the song funk. Of course you have that jazzy New Breed sound also. Hustletron did all the arrangements himself without any outside help.

The treble has been significantly reduced and is very low. However the low treble is what drags the audio/sound quality down from being a high quality song with high quality production. The low treble is the only downside for this song of his.

Acid Raindance uses acid jazz with an electronic soundscape drenched in rain over super chilled out sounds. Added to the electronic soundscape are some Afrocentric beats and techno beats. This is a highlight and the best song off the EP.

Indigo Groove uses upbeat acid jazz sounds over medium bass. The songs serves as an example of straight up jazz. Indigo Groove was featured on the From Fat Jazzy Grooves Vol. 10 compilation in 1995.

Leisure Suit is one of the slower songs which uses a tempo of 81 BPM. The bass is super low and the beats are thick as downtempo acid jazz is used. Jive Vibes uses a calm mixture of acid jazz with a jive vibe. Straight up jazz.

I rate this single 4/5****!

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