Review: DJ Smash ‎– Presents The Party Platter EP

Review: DJ Smash ‎– Presents The Party Platter EP

DJ Smash ‎– Presents The Party Platter EP was the taste tester and vinyl sampler of/for the full album of DJ Smash ‎– Presents The Party Platter which was released in 1995. DJ Smash ‎– The Party Platter EP is one of the most genuine release from legendary DJ Smash. His sound and style brings a breath of fresh air to music. His DJ and turntablist skills leave much to be desired. Hip hop meets acid jazz on this EP of his. He puts his own spin on this album by using and incorporating different styles of music.

Moodulator uses such a calm relaxing keyboard which fits in with the rhymes sounds and rhythm. This tune will have your head nodding. His puts his own spin on this quality music. The beats are super thick. Jazz meets hip hop on Moodulator.

DJ Smash puts down his own jazzy touches and composition over hip hop beats on the song Gettin’ Dizzy. He also blended in an incorporation of trip hop to give the song a try vibe nonetheless. Those beats and jazzy sounds make the song memorable.

You can hear a drum kit over hip hop breakbeats on Say Ow. This is one of the more hip hop oriented cuts on the EP. DJ Smash seemed to have been influenced by the sounds of James Brown, Little Richard, and Simply Red which is why you hear random funk breaks all over the place on Say Ow. The guitar gives away the funk.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!


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