Review: 2 Low – Funky Lil Brotha

Review: 2 Low – Funky Lil Brotha

2 Low’s album Funky Lil Brotha was a goofy kiddie rap album from the 90s. The lyrics don’t fall short either. 2 Low gave the listeners a perspective of a dysfunctional child growing up in the streets of Houston, Texas. People always talk about how crazy and how bad kids are today but they don’t always understand what some of us have to deal with. 2-Low was Rap-A-Lot’s answer to Shyheim The Rugged Child and Kris Kross. He was Rap A Lot’s kid rapper.

The album had the Rap-A-Lot sound of the time from the iconic production team of N.O. Joe, John Bido, Tony “Big Chief” Randle, James Smith, and Scarface. His album has Houston written all over it thanks to the presence of Scarface and John Bido. You can hear the work of N.O. Joe and John Bido all over 2 Low’s Problem Child album. That G-Funk sound. The sounds of funk, rap, hip hop, and children’s music can be heard on this album. Every track on here is bass heavy with lots of funk samples.

Funky Lil Brotha is a funky funk rap song where 2 Low and Scarface test their lyrical abilities and skills. 2 Low explains to us why he is one funky lil brotha. Funk meets rap on Funky Lil Brotha. John Bido’s sound can be heard all over the song.

2 Low is that funky lil brotha coming back with a brand new cut and you can new jack swing on his. Because he got this here so tight. 2 Low is (was) a young playa doin damage to the mic. You sho’ right. He’s 13 but he ain’t dumb. So bring it on if you little bustas want some. Cover your dome because it’s on once again. He’s a young playa that’s known to win. He got his street sense from these hardcore streets, trick.

2 Low is comin real because he ain’t bumpin no weak hits. Pass him the mic and let me kick it for the old folks. All the O.G.’s back in the hood that once sold dope. Runnin the game. He’s got a bank account so he can stack some g’s and have nice things like Cutlass on d’s with a coat of fresh candy paint. He’s got a bank account so he can be set for life when he’s grown. And hit them switches before he’s old enough to drive.

His teachers can’t stand me ’cause he give them no respect. He ain’t sayin “M’am, yes M’am” until you’re signing him a check. So you can miss 2 Low with the bump rap. You ain’t his mother and he ain’t your son. So in reality, you gets none. 2 Low is gettin busy on this track for ya. Because 2 Low is the funky lil brotha.

Here we go once again with the real hits! Throw your hands in the air if you can feel this! 2 Low bring styles after styles after styles too. He can’t be faded with this here because he’s a young troop. He sports them Nikes. Not the Reeboks or K-Swiss. And while we’re on the subject of feet, let me say this. 2 Low beats down like Bruise Lot.

Let me and him squash this here. 2 Low is rippin up shop in ’94 like a chainsaw. 2 Low is Hiram-Clarke where these g’s don’t fist-fight. They got they 9mm pistols shooting. Just enough to get your punk butt lit up. He can square this off right by makin people say, “Oh man, little bro raw!” It’s not about the set he claims because he don’t bang. 2 Low is just a g from the hood who let them hang. 2 Low is the funky lil brotha.

Scarface is rippin shop with his funky lil brotha. Scarface and 2 Low are the real deal. Scarface and 2 Low were puttin bustas on their back like Evander Holyfield. Flowin up the beat is what Scarface is known for. And the funky lil brotha is who this song is for. 2 Low is the funky lil brotha.

Once upon a time there lived Lucky. But Lucky got bucked because Lucky tried to buck Scarface. Hey yo, Scarface gave that boy some scratch. He came up short. That’s when he got sidetracked. Scarface had to cut him up like a tractor.

2 Low explains some of the shenanigans he takes part in Class Clown such as grabbing the teachers ass smoking weed underneath the bleachers in the gymnasium. 2 Low proved to us he had skills with his lyrical abilities on Class Clown. His lyrics was raw at only 13 back then. This is his raw talent. This song is sick.

John Bido and Tony “Big Chief” Randle provide a funky backdrop to get down on. You can hear the bass and guitars all over the place.

N.O. Joe, John Bido, and Tony “Big Chief” Randle provide a funky backdrop to get down on with The Groove With Mr. Scarface Pt 2. This is a funk rap fusion. So chill with that Southern funk.

I say one for the boogie, two for the show. Take a look and what do you know, it’s 2 Low. Or should I say the funky lil bro? 2 Low is back with the flow. Another style from the kid to let you bustas know. He be jammin like an old school vet. He be workin up a sweat, havin fun as he earns his check. So check it out as he come to groove with ya. Cause Deep in the jungle where the hunters rumble. So chill with the Low and let him get to ya. Cause Him and Mr. Face came to groove ya.

If the music makes you move and you feel you wanna groove, groove on. If you’re feeling good inside and you wanna take a ride, ride on.

You see 2 Low make it funky. Somethin you can smoke to and chill back with your homies. 2 Low shows us that he can handle the mic. No need to pass it on because he go all night. So don’t let nobody try to fool ya. You know that he be flowin. If the music makes you move and you feel you wanna groove, groove on. If you’re feeling good inside and you wanna take a ride, ride on. Hit the swisher and chill, g.

I rate this album 3/5***!


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