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Review: VK – Vanesha Knight

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VK – Vanesha Knight is a hardcore lyrical versatile all in your face rap album that holds no punches. Her hardcore versatile lyrics leave much to be desired. Her delivery will remind of The Lady of Rage. You have your reality rap songs such as Infamous Cycle and Curiousity which deal with abuse. Songs such as I Wanna Be Loved By You showcase the more feminine side of VK. J Flexx was responsible a majority of the production for her album.

Some of you may remember that her album was advertised in the 2Pac – Greatest Hits album, Too Gangsta For The Radio, and the Chronic 2000 album. Her album was listed in under the Coming Soon section despite there not being any artwork designed for her album.

VK is none other than Vanesha Knight who is Suge Knight’s niece. She was a female rapper who was signed to Death Row Records as she was brought on to fill the role of The Lady of Rage after she left the label. VK’s album was supposed to be released some time in 2000. However VK’s album was never released as the album was never completed due to Suge’s incarceration and the bankruptcy of Death Row Records.

Infamous Cycle deals with the vicious cycle domestic abuse against a spouse. This song was based off domestic abuse VK experienced with her family. Someone in her family was abused by their spouse. VK’s mother’s sister had a man who she thought loved her. They had a good life together until he decided to abuse her. This is one of the darker songs on the album. Infamous Cycle was written and recorded in preproduction around 1992. However the song was never mastered properly and only exists in ADAT as a demo song. The song was never mastered properly due to Suge’s incarceration, focus on other artists, and the bankruptcy of Death Row Records.

The song uses super thick heavy bass lines (funk bass lines) which rumble your speakers behind a quiet rock guitar underneath. Those super thick heavy bass lines and dope beats are what make the song good and captivating to listen to.

The song is known for the catchy but hard hitting controversial chorus lyrics, “Take it out on me but that’s about enough/Take it out on me but that’s about enough/Take it out on me but that’s about enough/You put your hands me again I’ll put your ass in handcuffs”

Curiousity is a chilling song about her absentee father. She contemplates over the curiosity of his whereabouts. This song will hit hard with especially those that truly understand that silent pain of where VK is coming from or just situations of an absentee parent. Curiousity is a song that VK wrote in 1995 after Gangsta Rick said, “You go hard, but you need to write more about yourself.” The song also deals with abuse and rape.

Her absentee father is the pain that puts stress on her brain. How does she refrain from making him a bloodstain? She would love to see him. She wonders these following questions. Who are you? How old are you? How tall are you? What do you think of the daughter that wants to meet you? Do I have your smile and your eyes that have kept me strong? Will you ever be man enough to show your face? Will you roll on the situation?

She wonders if he will you ever be man enough to show his face or if he will roll out on the situation he is currently in. Maybe her father has a wife, kids, and a big house. Or maybe he is a business man with the big clout. Who knows how the story goes. Maybe VK will see. VK is just a fatherless child filled with curiosity. Sometimes she gets a little lonely.

Her homies and family claim not to understand her. Why does she talk with so much emotion. Why does she feel so deeply? VK has this habit of biting her fingernails when deep in thought. Did he bite his fingernails too? Did he get slapped when he got caught? VK asked her mother where her father was

Sometimes she feels her soul is tired from the lack of sleep. She said he died in a plane crash overseas. Her mother used to get mad zooted. So 2 years later VK asked again and she had to prove it. She couldn’t in fact. She forgot what she said the first time. Her mother lied to her. Her friends were right about that. This is the real reason why this case was sealed tight. She needs help to understand what’s going on with this man who she has never met or seen. Some pieces of this puzzle are missing in action. This is trouble.

VK doesn’t know her father because her father raped her mother when she was a minor. He escaped after he raped her mother. Rape is punishable by death.Life is a 360. What goes around comes around. It will come to haunt you down. But now you listen and pay witness to these raw facts. Who knows. He probably turned over a new leaf.

“A nation will rise/No higher than this woman, a fatherless child” is one of the most deepest poetic lyrics of this song. The lyrics “But now you listen and pay witness to this raw facts/Life is a three-sixty, what goes around comes around/And back to your cypher, it will come to haunt you down” are some of the deepest hard hitting lyrics of this song.

I Wanna Be Loved By You is about wanting to be loved by the person you cherish and or admire. Nobody else will do The song is a Michel’le and VK duet. The song was used on the Chronic 2000 album.

Michel’le can’t deny that her heart is on a high over the man she loves and cherishes. No one can bring Michel’le down but him. Michel’le wants him to help him live all of his fantasies. He wanted a real woman. All she need is to be loved by him. Nobody else will do.

It was no surprise VK was deep in thought when her man called. It’s the words he said that made her feel 10 feet tall. She tells him he don’t have to worry about the men from her past. They didn’t handle business. They packed their bags voluntarily.
It’s just him and VK.

You told me when I blow up don’t forget about you
But will you forget about me if I don’t blow up Boo?
You wanted a real woman, here I am, it’s just you and me
Are you strong enough baby, can you, feel the heat?
I was deep in thought, it was no surprise, when you called
It’s the words you said that made me feel ten feet tall
You said you love me all you wanna know is I’m, here for you
And hey love, there’s a song we make up to with a tight ass beat
Sweetheart, you don’t have to worry about the men from my past
They didn’t handle business, so in a flash, I
Voluntarily pack they bags put em in the car and make em mash
We automatic cause we both after the cash
If we, don’t stop the world, we damn sure slow it down
And if, anybody in our way we movin the haters around
Don’t, have no doubts baby fo’ sho’ VK got you
Can’t you see, I wanna be loved, only by you

This is Jazzmatix is a jazz rap song where funk and jazz meet rap. This is Jazzmatix. Feel the static through your speaker. VK takes us to another galaxy with the brehsiveness of Death Row’s production and sound. Feel the spirits. Get with this intellect that direct.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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