Review: Mean Green – Major Players

The Mean Green – Major Players album is a compilation album which is one of the lesser known albums from No Limit Records. Major Players had a mixture of that Bay Area sound and Southern rap sound also. Passion brought the Bay Area sound while Master P and Two For One brought that Southern rap sound. Mean Green and Master P were the executive producers.

The Mirror Don’t Lie explains how Two For One is the hardest rap twin duet on the tank. The Mirror Don’t Lie also talks about coping with death. Are you down to die when its your time to die? The Mirror Don’t Lie was recorded in 1997 for the Mean Green Presents Major Players Compilation.

Are you down to die when its your time to die? The mirror don’t lie. Can’t you see it in your eye. The mirror don’t lie till the day that you die.

Two For One is harder than a rock and triller than a mobb. Two For One will get you slapped. Step back two steps as they came to rap. They often rap. Not to mention singing and modeling. To the eyes obscenity is mental. Control it gently. No watered down hoes. Two For One is them twins that know anything goes when fucking with them. Two For One ain’t down with no bustas, and they ain’t down with no hoes. Before you fuck yourself, you better slow your roll. TRU soldiers bust caps and lead. Yell and take charge.

Passion – Don’t Be Mad is an amazing song written by Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, L.A. Reid, and Daryl Simmons for the Major Players compilation album.

Don’t be mad because yo nigga wanna ride with Passion. She will pimp in her caddy inside of him. She never want him mackin to the third degree. P-I-impim nation wide. Betta have her money or it’s on tonight.

Passion is that bitch you and your nigga dream about. Passion got the title to the car with the keys to your house. Because she will never let him. Revenue is rollin in by the minute. Playboy’s fighting to be all up in it. Spinning and wishing that Passion could be the hoe but she is all about pimping with that game she spills. Passion is a bad ass bitch from the hood to the real. I thought you knew.

Now them hoes wanna hate and that’s fine with Passion. Bitches wanna be her and niggas can’t hang with her. Passion is the big dog that’s running things. Pimping ain’t easy and the game ain’t free.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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