Review: Mean Green – Baller Status

The Mean Green – Baller Status album is a compilation album which is one of the lesser known albums from No Limit Records. Baller Status had a mixture of that Bay Area sound and Southern rap sound also. Passion brought the Bay Area sound while Master P and Two For One brought that Southern rap sound.

The Mean Green – Baller Status album was supposed to be a compilation album that was going to be released on No Limit Records in 2000 but never was because of No Limit’s rebranding and Mean Green’s contractual obligations to 97.9 KBXX. Also Mean Green wanted to focus on his career as a DJ and announcer as he was in demand with his fanbase at 97.9 KBXX and across the world including Houston, Texas. The album was supposed to be released with joint distribution from Priority Records and Universal Records. But sadly this was never released due to contractual obligations, copyright reasons, and rebranding of No Limit.

Also No Limit’s former parent label Priority Records had going through a tough transition during that time. They were being bought out by Capitol Records and EMI between 2000 and 2002. That is also why that album never materialized.

The album was initially titled to be called Mean Green Presents: Sequel To Major Players. However the album title was changed to Baller Status by Mean Green himself as he had some creative control over the album. Him and Master P were the executive producers.

Mean Green had announced that there would be a sequel to Mean Green Presents: Major Players Compilation back in 1999. However he did not announced the title yet for the album due to copyright reasons. The Mean Green – Baller Status compilation album was supposed to be a sequel to the Major Players compilation album as Mean Green – Baller Status was going to be the follow-up album to Mean Green Presents: Major Players. Yet the album was packaged like a soundtrack.

The Baller Status album was first advertised in the 504 Boyz – Goodfellas album under the COMING SOON section with an abundance of other albums which were never released and never saw the light of day. The Mean Green – Baller Status album was advertised in several albums released by No Limit Records such as the C-Murder – Trapped In Crime album, Mo B. Dick – Gangsta Harmony, the 504 Boyz – Goodfellas album, and the Master P – Ghetto Postage album way back in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The album cover for Mean Green – Baller Status was designed by the legendary graphic design firm Pen N Pixel no doubt. They were responsible for designing the wonderful album cover.

Passion – Don’t Be Mad (Way 2 Real Mix) was a song recorded for the Baller Status compilation album. However this version of Don’t Be Mad did not make the final cut due to timing. This amazing song was actually a leftover from on Mean Green’s first album called Major Players. Writers for were Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, L.A. Reid, and Daryl Simmons.

Don’t be mad because yo nigga wanna ride with Passion. She will pimp in her caddy inside of him. She never want him mackin to the third degree. P-I-impim nation wide. Betta have her money or it’s on tonight.

Passion is that bitch you and your nigga dream about. Passion got the title to the car with the keys to your house. Because she will never let him. Revenue is rollin in by the minute. Playboy’s fighting to be all up in it. Spinning and wishing that Passion could be the hoe but she is all about pimping with that game she spills. Passion is a bad ass bitch from the hood to the real. I thought you knew.

Now them hoes wanna hate and that’s fine with Passion. Bitches wanna be her and niggas can’t hang with her. Passion is the big dog that’s running things. Pimping ain’t easy and the game ain’t free.

Back Up Off Me is one of the more annoying songs off the album. The constant “What?” chant during the chorus and bridge is what make the song annoying.

What’s up y’all? It’s the mean-ster green-ster. This should be played in residential neighborhoods clubs, and cars at high volume. Get ’em up, wodies, at high volume. Everybody in the clique be rowdy. And won’t stop until they start a fight in this bitch. Boot up, shut up, or get rowdy. If you ain’t bout gettin’ rowdy then back the fuck up. Who say they harder? They a motherfuckin’ liar. Master P touch the stage and the crowd goes crazy. You motherfuckers can’t fade him. He came to tear the roof off this motherfucker.

Big Snoop D-O-double-G in this bitch. Gotcha runnin’ because he’s comin’ with that South shit. Tearing this motherfuckin’ club up. No Limit and Dogghouse keep it crack-a-lackin. The heat goes where the homie goes.

Two For One tore up Nobody Make A Sound with Mac, Magic, and Fiend. We got 2-4-1 up in this bitch. You know what I’m sayin’? These No Limit Soldiers committed a robbery during the song.

And if any of you motherfuckers move, y’all gon get your fuckin’ heads blown off. Ya heard me? Alright. Nobody move and nobody dies. Don’t think about breathing as they bring forth a line of fire to your ass. Everybody’s gonna die tonight. Magic patted the victims down. 2-4-1 duct taped the victims. And if anybody moved Fiend disintegrated them.

Magic says, “Alright, I’ma pat everybody down. So keep your heads to the floor. Whoever in charge of this bitch better point me to the door! I’m lookin’ for the loot, so me and my people can leave. But any noncooperation and one of you bitches gon bleed. Now I want the rest of y’all to watch them motherfuckers bleed. Throw down your rollex, your Gucci’s, your Versace, your new Jordan’s and your cellphones. And anything else that cost over a hundred dollars.”

They call him Magic because he is known for making his victims disappear. He is about that kind/type of drama. He’ll tell you, “I’m ’bout that drama.” Magic tells everyone, “Now everybody lay it down, nobody make a sound! I got fifty fuckin’ rounds!”

Lights are beaming and people are screaming. 2-4-1 is dumpin’ in the clip with the triggers. 2-4-1 is gonna do your ass like Jason or either like Freddy. So you better get ready. The time has come.

The time has come. Niggas better know this ain’t no motherfuckin’ game. Mac got the M-1 which he borrowed from Big Ed. Don’t got much time to tell about the murder tale to each one of y’all. You got what Mac wants. Either you give it up or he’ll split ya.

The song Lexxtacy is a sexy sensual guitar driven R&B/soul song with that commercial pop sound. A-Lexxus takes you (and us) on a trip to Lexxtacy (ecstasy) with this song of hers undoubtedly. Young Gator is the rapper who is featured on the song.

A-Lexxus will be the one to teach you how to love. She will show you how it’s done. So sit back and enjoy the ride. A-Lexxus will take you to another level of Lexxtacy (ecstasy). She will take your body to ecstasy. She can and will be your fantasy. Her dedication to you is strong and will keep you satisfied. She’ll give you pleasure and romance. Levels you’ve never seen before.

Boy Bye is the rough brash breakup song. A-Lexxus is tired of dealing with these lames (men who are chumps that big let-downs in disguise). The song uses an urban edge of hard hitting 00s style rap beats over a Southern rap sound. Southern rap meets soul on Boy Bye.

This man is trying to get with A-Lexxus. The way he is approaching A-Lexxus is all wrong. The way he approached her was not right at all. All the flashy material things such as shiny jewelry don’t impress A-Lexxus at all. However he is unaware of this. She needs a strong thug on the premises. She wants a real relationship built on love, trust, and compassion. A-Lexxus is tired of dealing with these lames. However the men who are trying get at her are unaware of this.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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