Review: Master P – Al Capone

Master P’s Al Capone album marked a 5 year comeback for Master P after he had been out of the game for so long. Master P was dabbling into using drill beats popularized by Chicago rappers and SoundCloud in his songs for this comeback album of his. This album was new and experimental for him as one can tell. Lyricism is what contemporary rap is missing in. Highlights on this album include Paper Right and Louis Sheets.

Master P explains to use that what don’t kill you just make you stronger on Louie Sheets. There is no limit to your success. Master P proves there is no hesitation for him to graduate and elevate his education. Master P plans to bring it back with No Limit.

They say what don’t kill you just make you stronger. All that motherfucking hate made Master P get out and get his hustle on. No Limit did it once. Now No Limit has got another turn. No Limit is doing shit niggas ain’t never see. Master P is bout to break it back, boy. It ain’t no limit. See how the tables turn.

Master P proves that he is still clever and with rhymes in his lyrics. Here are some examples:

A nigga winning like Charlie Sheen
Fuck her good, she will cook a nigga collie green

Let the record play I’m back nigga, Al Green
God bitches popping for them green beans
Standing over niggas like I’m ya’ll maine
A nigga winning like Charlie Sheen
Fuck her good, she will cook a nigga collie green

Master P discusses how he gets his money in order correctly on Paper Right. He also discusses how he used to sell drugs.

Rick has an ounce of crack. He turned that ounce of crack into a whole joint. Then he got that nina and he turned that to a whole point. Master P breaks that ounce of crack down in pounds. He’s never got that brown. He takes that pound of crack to his homies crib and then he breaks it down. Master P used to flood this whole shit just like the surround sound. Omelly is in the kitchen whipping that white cocaine until his nose run.

Then Master P meets his other associate Mill. Mill hit Master P with that trick or treat. Master P took her to the south side of New Orleans and he was right back in the week. Fresh from out of jail cell and right back out there in the streets. Master P was out on bail. Now it’s time for him to pay these lawyers fees. He’s got 30 charges pending against him. Master P ain’t trying to cop out. He’s just looking for a knock out. Master P is a hustler. All night and all day. Master P is a hustler until he gets his paper right. He is on his grind. He don’t sleep.

Master P don’t fuck with you haters and the police. He’s got his young niggas that’ll put ya ass right to sleep. He did it once. Now he’s back, bitch. Look at him. Master P used to be broke and now he is a heavy weight with his status. He is the bread winner who just ate but still is hungry. Hungry for that money. Right back to the block because his hustle game strong.

Master P is so scary to the point where killers won’t fuck with him, associate themselves with him, or do any form of business transactions with him. That is what these lyrics mean,

Out here where these killas be I’m … don’t fuck with me
Black cold pay job, I did it for my hellya

Unanimous decision I don’t see no competition
We beat them to submission, cooking work in gramas kitchen
I’m the bread winner, and I just ate but still I’m hungry
Hungry for that money, with my niggas I’m 100
I’m thugging till the death of me

Hands for that pound fear nigga we ain’t playing fair
I play this game for keeps, big bad wolf, so you sheeps
Bout my paper, I’m a beast ima show up were you sleep
Dressed in all black with the beam all out of focused

Master P had to grind when all he saw is poverty. Plus the economy is terrible. Niggas got tired of being broke. Him and his niggas in the kitchen flip more chickens than church. Don’t ask him to put you on. You weren’t here with him when he was hurting.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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