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Review: Nicole Wray – Boss Bitch

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Boss Bitch is a collection of songs that Nicole Wray recorded from 2002 to 2010. These songs were leftover songs from her unreleased albums such as Lovechild, Changes, Nicole Wray, Young Talented & Beautiful, Miss America, and Kill Cupid as well as her Independence Day mixtape from 2006 that was released on Aphiliates/FOE. Focus, Dame Dash, 7 Aurelius, and Playmaker Music produced the album.

Nicole Wray fans always refer to this album as a mixtape even though this release does not look like one. The word “mixtape” tends to cheapen things. I don’t feel the same way though. Even though this album was mostly a collection of leftover studio sessions and unreleased songs as well as new songs, it’s better than no album at all. Nicole Wray fans should be thankful this album got released.

This album was released as a digital download only in 2010 on iTunes. There was never any physical format issued for this release ever. There is a clean version to this album called Boss Chick which has different artwork and different songs that the explicit version. Sadly the explicit version was taken off of iTunes for whatever reason.

Nicole is so talented. It’s truly sad that people sleep on good music like this. People have been missing good music lately. She does a good job as always with the sounds of classic R&B. You should definitely stream this album of hers.

Who Are You served as Nicole’s reintroduction to music and the opener for Boss Bitch. This song served as her high quality, high powered comeback as she sings away. Not only does she sing, she talks and raps. She went the futuristic route on this song by using elements of electronic and R&B. Who Are You is one of those fast uptempo paced songs to ride your bicycle to and exercise. It is 2 minutes and 45 seconds long which makes it kind of short.

This song Who Are You was recorded and produced by Focus in 2010. Focus does a great job of producing beats as always. So you know this song is going to be lit! That’s no doubt.

Nicole Wray reintroduces herself to the R&B game for 2010. She was living in the ATL at the time when she recorded this song and even refers to herself as an ATLien! (Note the OutKast reference.) Who Are You is also to all those haters out there that have been hating on Nicole Wray. The song is clearly aimed at those haters specifically.

Nicole lets haters know that she knows who she is as a person as she shows self-awareness with these lyrics “I’m me/Who are you?/You’re a hater” She tells haters in those lyrics, “Who are you to judge me? To test me? You’re a hater.” She also repeats these lyrics during the refrain and chorus, “I’m me/Who are you?” Those words are repeated several times throughout the song.

These lyrics of hers were definitely ahead of our time and very futuristic. “ I’M SO SPACED OUT I’M ABOUT TO DISAPPEAR!” Now who else has these lyrics in any of their songs? Nicole Wray was way ahead of the game in 2010.

Wash Away is one of those depressing songs to wash away your pain to. There is a zither/koto playing in the background which gives this song a sad vibe. This song was recorded in 2010. Wash Away was produced by Mikey Jay and engineered by Seneca Malcom.

Nicole tells us why she wants to wash away all her pain inside. It feels like Russian Roulette to the dome. She wants to wash away all the pain and doubt inside. Clearly she wants to do just that. She wants to be with a man and never be alone again. Nicole spends the entirety of the song wondering if a man or anyone else can hear her cry for the attention she has been losing for and very well deserves. She wants to find a man who is just like her.

Pandora’s Box is a fun mystery song which sounds very much similar to a dreamy love song. This mood is mysterious and playful. 4 words to describe this song are dreamy, fun, mysterious, and playful. This song was recorded in 2008 when her album Changes was being recorded.

Focus from Aftermath Entertainment produced this song. He does a great job on this song with the beats of as always. So you know this song is going to be lit! Now if you listen closely, you can hear the drums and beats samples to Computer Love by Zapp. Pandora’s Box samples Zapp – Computer Love and Janet Jackson – Anytime, Anyplace.

Ms. America is a song dedicated to the ladies when their man made them feel famous like Ms. America. This song was recorded in 2007 during the Miss America era when her Miss America album was being recorded. Ms. America is a song that speaks for itself.

Nicole asks ladies out there, “Has he ever made you feel like Miss America? Put you upon a pedestal and give you what you want?” She asks ladies to tell her, “Tell me how that makes you feel.” during the song. “Has he ever made you feel like Miss America? Put you upon a pedestal and give you what you want?” are the lyrics to the chorus for this song as well.

Money is a song that speaks for itself. This song is for the strippers out there in them strip clubs downtown or wherever you at. For all them sexy pole dancers. That sums up this song here. The song was recorded in 2009.

Nicole teaches us money is something we all need and is a necessity. That is because everything in the world costs money. That is factual. In this world we work hard for the money. It’s a must that we survive. We strive to survive in life. Gotta get that green.

Now the beginning of this song uses an opera sample of a person singing in a loud high-pitched baritone form. This opera sample is a sample of an opera composition piece from either the 18th century, 19th century, or 20th century. This opera sample lasts for 8 seconds in the song until the 0:08 mark when the loud thunderous beats kick in.

I Like It was recorded in 2009 to be a buzz single for this album. That obviously worked as there was a music video to go along with this song of hers. I Like It soon enough became the hit single for this album. The song was #1 on the iTunes charts for a few weeks back in 2009.

I Like It has a 90s feel, style and sound to it. This whole song is bananas and off the hook! The beats, samples, scratches, synths, vocals, and chords are bananas! I Like It samples 2pac – I Get Around.

He Must Know is a slow jam and a club song. It’s a perfect song to play on a boat cruise, night club, ballroom dance, café, or in a restaurant. This song is definitely a perfect song to play in a restaurant during the day or at night! The song will remind you of a soft Beatles Song. This song was recorded in 2007.

In this song, Nicole is head over heads over a man that she is clearly in love with. She wants him to know that she is in love with him. She makes this very clear throughout the duration of this song. The fact that she does not disguise the fact that she has been sleeping with him is not hidden either nor does she try to hide that from her listener(s). Nicole is not too blunt as she gets straight to the point about how much she is in love with this man.

Nicole gets straight to the point at the very beginning of this song with her lyrics. “He must know it’s all about him/From his head down to the way he lace his Tims/Oh he makes want to let it go give in/He’s what I want/I want him to know I’m head over heals” These are the lyrics to the chorus too.

He is about the illest thing Nicole has seen. She cannot lie about the way he hypnotizes her eyes. There is no way she will let this man get away from her. She will love him to the point where he will want to stay with her. She watches him when he grab his keys down to when he falls fast asleep. Also she watches the way he lace his Timberland boots. He makes her want to let go and give in.

Here Nicole is head over heads over a man that she is clearly in love with. She wants him to know that she is in love with him. She makes this very clear throughout the duration of this song. Now she is not too blunt either. Of course some people may say that Nicole is in over her head but that does not matter to her. She cannot lie as she is in love with him.

These lyrics explore how lovestruck she gets whenever he hangs with her.

How can this feel so good?
I wish I would
Let some girl come and stand all in my way
I see him coming my heart starts to pound
And when he touch me I just make the sound
I watch you when you grab your keys
Down to when you fall fast asleep
I call your name to hear you speak
I can’t believe you move with me
He must know it’s all about him
From his head down to the way he lace his Tims
Oh he makes want to let it go give in
He’s what I want
I want him to know I’m head over heals

These lyrics here are also repeated several times throughout this song. “I watch you when you grab your keys/Down to when you fall fast asleep/I call your name to hear you speak?I can’t believe you move with me”

My Friend was a song recorded in 2006 and was produced by Focus. This song was used on the 2006 Independence Day mixtape. It is a great song that is considered to be fantastic by Nicole Wray fans! The song is about sharing love and friendship as evidenced in these lyrics, “ The love that we share is far much better” and “A friend to the end”.

Eye Candy is one of those 2010s rave club songs. The sounds of this song are futuristic as the elements of electronic, pop, rap, and dance are incorporated into this song. One of those hot party clubbin’ songs as some people like to call it and refer to as. All the girls want to be like Nicole Wray. This song is for the ladies out there who feel the same way as she does.

Drums is a love song with very loud ultra-heavy and thick beats from 7 Aurelius over a tempo of 122 BPM. 7 Aurelius produced and recorded Drums in 2010 even though the production sounds a bit distorted. Not surprising since this song uses some thick distortion in various places throughout the song. It’s another great song you will love! You’ll get used to the distortion after a little while as the song progresses.

There is a bit pop infused in this song. These lyrics are quite poppish, “LOVE IS CANDY/LOVE IS BUBBLEGUM/CHOCOLATE CANDY/ LOVE IS YUMMY YUM/I FEEL SEXY” This is the pop portion of this song.

Dice Roll is a sad mid tempo song about real life and reality. Everyday is just another hustle. Dice Roll was on the 2006 Independence Day mixtape. Now this version is a bit shorter than the original version on the Independence Day mixtape.

This song is the truth especially with lyrics such as “Hard time put you in a bind/Get your mind right/Gotta survive in this jungle/You’re a winner/Let’s not forget we are both sinners” Nicole has always kept things 100% recent truthful in her songs.

Callin’ deals with how Nicole is tired of her man constantly calling her. She wants to get rid of him and let him go. That is evident with these lyrics “I WANT TO LEAVE YOU ALONE, FOREVER/I WANT TO LET YOU GO” and “OVER AND OVER/I’M TIRED OF FEELING LIKE THIS/SO WHAT’S IT’S GOING TO BE, BABY?/I KNOW WHAT IT IS”

Callin’ has either a Curtis Mayfield or an Isaac Hayes sample at the beginning. If you listen closely, the bassline has is sampling The D.O.C. – Let The Bass Go. It needed a music video to go along with it. This song was recorded in 2010.

Boy You Make Me Say is another love song. This song was probably recorded in 2003. The lyrics to this song are actually funny. “OK I’M NOT TRYING TO BE FUNNY/CAN ANYONE TELL ME IF SHE EVER ACTUALLY SAID WHAT HE MADE HER SAY?/GET HANDS UP SO EYES CAN SEE!”

Boss Bitch is a preppy upbeat R&B song that was recorded in 2008. Boss Bitch was a song from her unreleased album Changes and had featured one of the girls from the group BELLA. Nicole lets us know that she is the boss bitch who is in charge and in control of things in this song of hers. This ain’t nothing new to her. She’s been that for so long.

Misery loves company on the song Miserable People. Nicole Wray laces the track with her soulful singing about how misery loves company. Nicole Wray states there is so many things to love about life. In reality, there is so many things to love about living life. Life has its ups and downs. So why hate? Nicole Wray does not want miserable people in her life. She won’t let it get the best of her.

The mellow and vibe are smooth, timid, and slow. The beautiful mellow piano solo at the beginning of Miserable People helps give off a mellow vibe that is not too ecstatic. Miserable People has a loud and powerful essence in the sound. Miserable People was recorded in 2010.

The last song is Back Up Against The Wall is the closer for her album. The song had that futuristic poppy Roc-A-Fella sound to it. Rap meets R&B/soul here. Back Up Against The Wall was recorded in 2002 and produced by Dame Dash.

Back Up Against The Wall features UK hip hop/rap group SAS. SAS was signed to Rocafella as well when Nicole Wray was there. SAS was also known as Eurogang and were also signed to Cam’ron’s Diplomats Records in the mid 00s.

Back Up Against The Wall was a song that was supposed to be on the 2005 Lovechild album when Nicole Wray was signed to Rocafella Records and DDMG. As you all know that didn’t happen due to the Jay-Z and Dame Dash feud between 2004 and 2006. Which sucked of course. However this song would be used on the 2005 album SAS – Who Dares Wins.

Honestly Back Up Against The Wall needed to have a music video along with the song. Who knows what Jay-Z and Dame Dash were thinking.

I rate this album 5/5*!!

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