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On The Line: Willie ‘Shadowstar Boxer’ Phillips buys DeckHead Records from RAW ELEMENTZ!!!

It was announced, earlier this evening, that the RAW ELEMENTZ conglomerate have officially sold the DeckHead Records label to, North Caroline based, Hip-Hop artist Willie ‘Shadowstar Boxer’ Phillips.

The exact amount has not been disclosed, to the public, however we are aware that, as a part of the sale, Phillips now owns the brand name, platform and assets (including unpublished work as well).

Two projects absent, from the sale, however are Dirty Needlz ‘A Handful Of Dirt’ EP and The Primarch System’s, self-titled, debut album as pre-sale agreements had been made, earlier today, for those particular projects to go to their original owners for release elsewhere.

This sale comes not long after RAW ELEMENTZ announced that, United Elementz Reggae based subdivision, United Elementz Roots was being made ‘inactive’ due to “lack of interest in the brand”.

A potential sale, for the United Elementz Roots brand, was due to happen last year but it fell through at the last minute leaving it in limbo until the recent decision to mark it ‘inactive’.

RAW ELEMENTZ continues with it’s United Elementz division (along with it’s United Elementz Network subdivision) and R.A.W Media division which recently took a step into creating it’s own independent blogspot.

A huge congratulations to Willie Phillips on the purchase of the label and to RAW ELEMENTZ on the sale.

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