Review: Groove Theory – The Answer

The Answer was/is the final album to be released by R&B duo Groove Theory. The album was recorded after original member Amel Larrieuix left the group to start a solo career for her self in other words. She was replaced by singer/songwriter Makeda Davis later that year. The album undersold what its standards were expected.

Incorporated musical styles used had a more commercial sound than the previous debut album did meaning that The Answer album had a more commercial pop sound than an underground dance music club sound. Take notice of the commercial sound for instance as an example. The album had a more contemporary R&B approach. The Answer is the creation of a new sound and a new groove as explained on The Answer Album Sampler that was released in 2000 on CD.

II Da Club has an urban sound with a commercial touch. The urban sound here is similar to rap music. These beats are similar to what you would hear in rap music. However the beat is slow. The rap sounds meets soul music and pop on II Da Club.

Hedonism is a hectic hedonistic track. The programmed beats have an upbeat tempo to them. An incorporated touch of rock from a guitar is used on Hedonism. Things do get hectic on Hedonism as it is a song about love. Yet the melody is subtle. Vocals used are harmonic.

The single 4shure (which was eventually molded into an EP by Columbia Records as an effort on their part) charted at #97 on the Billboard Charts in 2000. 4shure as a single received moderate airplay on radio stations across the US nation on a nationwide scale. It was the choice of Columbia Records to make 4shure into an EP. That choice was probably not the best though. However it’s not all that bad.

4shure had an upbeat dance music vibe to it especially with the percussion and beats. Groove Theory was known for incorporating dance music into their songs and 4shure is no exception to this case. Davis takes over on the vocals for 4shure. It was due to the 4shure single charting in low numbers that The Answer album sold poorly.

If I Knew is a sad mournful soul song that is a slow jam. The mood of this song has a real sad negative vibe. The soulful singing adds to the effects of sadness and sorrow of this song. If I Knew is a slow jam. The lyrics are very repetitive with the hooks repeating itself. The repetitive lyrics make If I Knew a sappy love song. That is the flaw for If I Knew.

Makeda wonders if she could have kept her mouth shut. She regrets now that she didn’t keep her mouth shut. (She needs someone to tell her that apparently.) Why couldn’t she keep her mouth shut? Makeda is lying here in tears wishing her lover was there. She could have been loved but she fucked up by getting caught up. If she knew better, she would have kept her mouth shut. When it comes to love, she needs to keep her mouth closed.

It was due to the 4shure single charting in low numbers, conflicts in the group, and conflicts with Columbia Records that The Answer never saw an official release. The album kept getting pushed back several times which led the duo asking to be released from their contract with Columbia Records. Columbia Records was moving away from the dance music scene and focusing more on the burgeoning pop market at the time.

While the official retail album of The Answer remains unreleased to this day, promotional copies were released to music executives and to DJs at radio stations for review and of course airplay to promote the album. Yes full promotional copies and editions of The Answer album really exist.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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