Review: Adina Howard – Welcome To Fantasy Island

Welcome To Fantasy Island was released as a promo only CD by Elektra Records in 1997. Her album was shelved after disputes with Elektra Records over the handling of the project and other internal issues within the label’s management. The label was not feeling the album. What really happened was that Adina Howard talked trash about music industry executive Sylvia Rhone of Elektra Records and it got back to her. Another real issue was that it was too racy for radio. Adina was widely ridiculed for her bold lyrics and provocative image.

Unreleased albums are the best! That’s speaking overall. Elektra dropped the ball on Adina Howard by dropping her from the label. Her label had shot themselves in the foot when that business decision was made. They really lost a star with fame and such potential. Adina Howard became a global household name with her previous album and this one. Adina Howard shot herself in the for the comments about Sylvia Rhone. Adina Howard was “blackballed” in the music industry.

T-Shirt & Panties became another cult classic for Adina Howard. The song was a hit for her and the Elektra label. The song itself was previously released on the soundtrack to the 1998 film “Woo”. T-Shirt & Panties is also the sensual erotic fan-favorite.

(Freak) And U Know It was the sequel to her 1995 hit Freak Like Me. The song is great itself. (Freak) And U Know It was produced by DJ Quik. One can tell that Adina Howard had a lot more creative control on this record.

Could’ve Got Away could have been an ideal choice to be chosen to be a single for this album if the label had promoted the album correctly. Could’ve Got Away is similar to a song that Ginuwine would write. The song could been on a soundtrack for a film.

Nasty Girl is a cover of the hit Vanity 6 song. However Nasty Girl did not make the final album tracklist. Sexual Needs is a sensual erotic fan-favorite. R&B singer Ginuwine wrote Sexual Needs while Timbaland produced it.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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